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Discuss the characteristics of Tulip and how it developed in the novel

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Discuss the characteristics of Tulip and how it developed in the novel "The Tulip Touch" by Anne Fine Tulip, the main character in the novel "The Tulip Touch", written by Anne Fine is described as having revolting and mean ways or deeply disturbed throughout the book. She came from an abusive home and a poor family. Tulip's dad would beat and shout at her. "He'll thrash her like a red-headed stepchild! He'll whip her till her freckles sing!" Except that fact her the furniture was battered and the carpet was stained in her home, Tulip became a different person. She became just a shell Tulip lied, used her friend Natalie in her little visits, gave surprising presents to classmates and many more. The one thing you didn't want to be apart of, was 'the tulip touch'. ...read more.


She had a caring heart for animals. In all that cluster of rudeness, she still hated her dad killing the kittens. He placed them in a crock half filled with water and close the lid. The poor kittens scrambled and pushed at the top for hours mewing and scratching until they died. Tulip despised the crying sounds of the kittens and her father for doing this terrible procedure. In order for him to stop this, Tulip killed the stray kittens herself before her father spots them. She made sure her method was quick and easy. "And once they're under water, I never let them up again." Tulip was a sadistic person. She enjoyed inflicting pain on other things to make them feel the same pain that inflicts on her. After Tulip's principle told her, that her dad was being called for her inappropriate uniform, she found 3 whiskey bottles filled with kerosene and set the shed on fire. ...read more.


Swallowing all that water." Tulip went on about, after Muriel continuously swallowing the water, that Muriel would find herself too swollen to come back up to the surface. Not just the death Tulip was interested in but the grief of the family, who suffered. She tried picturing the bad dreams Muriel's sister; Janet would have at night of Muriel drowning. Instead of her thinking of ideas in her head, she started doing the actions out loud. The Brackenbury family had a complaint about Tulip to the police about her knocking to the door of their ho use and asking for Muriel. "Three times!" Tulip made people feel sorry for her. Tulip is definitely not a girl you would see in your daily lives. Just her comment alone on the colour pink can discourage you. "Pink reminds me of nice little girls." Of course that she wasn't. I wonder if anyone one day would really have the patience and time to help this poor, confused and evil-minded child to help her emotionally and physically. ...read more.

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