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Discussing madness.

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GCSE Drama 2009 Paper 1- Portfolio Evaluation task On the 16th of October we did a lesson based around madness. We used several different things to discuss this topic, and learn about it. We did a thought bubble to record the words we thought related with madness. Here are some examples; We also added music Mars - Gustav Holst. It's quite a powerful piece of music and gives you shivers up your spine because it sounds magical and unreal, the fact this huge collaboration of instruments could make that much noise, and it's incredibly powerful. We used music, to act out madness, how the music made us feel, we went through different stages first it was annoyed, angry, frustrated and then madness, I believe this worked quite well, ...read more.


It's a weird mix of feelings but I think they work well together. Later in the lesson we looked at a picture of a girl or a boy, in a room, naked. The room is completely empty and I don't think it has any windows. The girl looks trapped and alone. You get the image that she is a victim of something, but there are many different perceptions to have of this picture, she could be suicidal, mad or she is an abuse victim. I think the point of this picture is that there could be many different reasons as to why she is like this, she could of locked herself in a room, is being kept their against her will or she doesn't know where she is. ...read more.


I learnt quite a lot from this particular lesson. I've had personal experiences of madness, in my family and some friends, so I do know what its like. But I got a final realisation of what it's like. You're completely trapped in yourself and theirs no way out. Many people's perceptions of mentally ill people are wrong, they are normal; their mindsets just aren't the same as everyone else's. It's very sad to think that some people get outcast from society, just because their different, they still get locked away because most people are scared of them, its not right. We all need to learn that they need equal treatment and care whatever their illness. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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