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Drama Been So Long

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GCSE "Been So Long" In this essay I will be comparing my devised performance of the gender unit, preformed on 16th February 2007, with my scripted performance of "Been So Long" written by Che Walker, which was preformed on the 30th March 2007. I will be comparing character, style, mood, design, music, and lighting. For style I will be deciding which theatrical method is used, Stanislavski's or Brecht's Method. Brecht believed in breaking the fourth wall and trying to make the play as unrealistic as possible by using flash backs, monologues, freeze frames, placards ect. But on the other hand Stanislavski thought differently he believed in making the play as realistic as possible to make the audience believe that they were not watching a play but actually watching real life events he achieved this by having every thing in chronological order and making it as naturalistic as possible making by making the actors think like their character would, by making the actors consider the "Magic If" - if this was REAL how would I react?, also Stanislavski believed in the 4th wall, the fourth wall was used to make the play seem more realistic by acting as if the audience was not there. We use this technique a lot to make plays more realistic. We based the gender performance on the fact that one of the characters would be changing gender. ...read more.


The language used by the characters in dialogues and monologues was informal as it was mostly between friends. We had two main sets, we had a bar/common area and also a bedroom and these were the only places used in the eight scenes of the play. The overall mood of the piece was quite tense and serious, we maintained this mood through the use of tense scenes and serious and creepy characters. We used Brecht's theatrical method in our play, as we made the play as unrealistic as possible, rather that making it realistic in the style of Stanislavski. To ensure that play was unrealistic we used Brecht's idea of "Vefremdungseffekt" and broke the 4th wall constantly through the use of flashbacks and monologues, also the play was made unrealistic by the fact that the audience knew one of the characters was a woman dressed as a man. Most of the characters were unaware that the male character was in-fact a female; this was however revealed to the characters in the play in the final violent scene. If I were to improve this performance, I would have used a split scene to reduce the duration of the set changes, this would make the play fast paced and easier for the audience to watch and follow. ...read more.


The light was dim showing that the bar was unpopular almost although it were deserted, this calm light would help show contrast during the louder more active scenes. The language used in "Been So Long" was informal all the way through and a lot of slang was used. The overall mood in the play is quite comical yet serious, however the audience would not find the funny moments funny enough to laugh but throughout the play the audience would be able to sympathise with all the characters at one stage during the play, it was also at times quite tense to watch with high levels of action with some explosive scene. The set was a simple bar scene with a bar and a single table with two chairs, no set changes were necessary as the whole play was set in the same place and time. The set has very few similarities with the set used in the gender unit. I believe that this piece was much more successful, than the gender unit and I am unable to find any improvements that could be made, possibly a different choice of music or lighting. The biggest difference between the two pieces was the practitioner's styles that were used. The pieces both use the styles of ether Stanislavski or Brecht. Overall the two pieces have been well preformed with limited changes that can be made. By Vasilis Panayi ...read more.

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