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Drama - Blood Brothers Response

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Blood Brothers Response Blood brothers is a story which was written in 1981 as a school play and included a range of themes which help the audience understand and feel for the story rather than just watching it. The themes in this play include poverty, innocence, love, games, belief and superstition. I feel that the key themes that control the play are chance and society of the time and I feel that most of the story circles around these themes and most events are caused by these themes. To emphasize the themes in the play, we created a three minute version of the play which consisted of still images, narration and stylised movement. We decided to split the play into four sections which were: baby years, childhood, 14 - 17 years and 20+ years. We decided that we would show the giving away of the baby as this allows the rest of the story to flow. If it wasn't for this specific scene, the story wouldn't have happened as the giving away of one twin is a significant event in the play. This also allowed us to add emotion to our piece as this is one of the several events which separate people into two opinions. ...read more.


Forum theatre was used to change the way we said lines and how to put expression, feeling and life to the lines which in turn make the monologue a lot more vibrant and interesting. The way we performed forum theatre was to have someone acting out a verse of the poem. We then got the audience to comment and suggest improvements. We then acted the verse out again and repeated the process until we were happy with it. Below is the verse we performed. 'Y' know our Sammy, He draws nudey women, Without arms, or legs or even heads In the baths, when he goes swimmin'. But I'm not allowed to go to the baths, Me Mam says I have to wait, 'Cos I might get drowned, 'cos I'm only seven, But I'm not, I'm nearly eight.' We started off with the beginning of the verse being said in a very secretive way although it was put in the category of secret in a child which meant that it had to be told; something I had felt many a time when I was a young child which also meant my body was slightly crouched and slightly tense. ...read more.


The conscience corridor was put into action by splitting the class in half and putting them up as two sides to create a human 'corridor'. We then got a member of our class to walk up while each person in the 'wall' said the pros and cons. When the person in the middle finishes walking up through the corridor, he/she tells us his/her decision. In this situation, I wrote a diary entry as Mrs Johnstone. I typed my diary entry up below 'I can't believe it is happening. So close to the time where one of my beloved babies would be given away to my employer. I am sure that I am doing the right thing - I can't afford to give them both a good life and Mrs Lyons does want a baby so badly. Even so, I feel I am breaking a natural bond given to them both which makes me unsure on whether I should do it. I am in a situation which I would never wish on any mother.' Overall, I found that explorative strategies helped us understand Blood Brothers as it allowed us to see what usually are hidden thoughts and feelings of characters. It also allows us to get into character and realise how events and other actions are performed by the character. ?? ?? ?? ?? Adrian Polglase 30/11/2006 1557 Words ...read more.

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