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Drama Comparative Essay BB+M+BE

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Drama Comparative Essay. I performed in Mugged by Andrew Payne. I played the character of Taylor who was a deprived boy who has turned into a bully because of the people that he is around. Mugged is a play about six teenagers that are affected by the things around them, two are bullies, two are boys who are good friends that try to act cool and the two girls go along with the bullies. The teenagers are scared of "the muggers" and this ends up in one of the six being stabbed. In my essay I am going to study the plays of mugged and Blood Brothers and also Billy Elliot. My character of Taylor is a street wise teenager who is one of the school bullies. He victimises people who are quieter and less street wise than him. He is scared of some individuals across the park that they all fear and see as muggers but intimidates those less powerful than him and makes it look like he is not scared when he secretly is. ...read more.


the play they are still a character that has a lot of impact on the other characters and of the outcome at the end of the production. The characters of Sammy, Tony and Taylor have an outcome on the productions that I have used above because they cause life changing situation and in the plays Blood Brothers and Mugged someone ends up dying and Tony changes the decisions that are made but does not affect the play as much. The set of mugged is very simple compared to the sets of Blood Brothers and Billy Elliot. The set of Billy Elliot is the main background of the village miner's hall and the bedroom and house was brought in by hydraulics under the stage and other things are brought in by the cast and crew. In Blood brothers the main setting in the first act is the old council buildings on the stage right and on the stage left a posh middle class house. ...read more.


we only did it in school we did not have to do much to make it look good because people do not expect it to look good because it is only armature dramatics so we would not have very good costumes and also we would not have a very complex set. The theme of Mugged is mainly Friendship and who to make friends with and how friends act towards each other. Our play is also about peer pressure which ties in with the plot of both Blood Brothers and Billy Elliot because in both of these plays there is a lot of peer pressure. In Billy Elliot there is peer pressure because the miners are pressurised to stay on strike but Billy's dad decided that he would break it for his son to go to ballet school. And in Blood brothers Sammy and his gang pressured Mickey. Linda and Eddie into things that they don't want to do and end up in trouble. Rachel Kellers 11A7. Rachel Kellers 11A7. ...read more.

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