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Drama course work on the mummers play

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Drama course work on the mummers play Our class where asked to do a play called the mummers play, we was given a script and we was told to learn all the lines and then later we would act it out. At first I thought it would be quite easy because I thought that we wouldn't have to think of anything to do just read it out and I also thought that all the actions would be written inside. The play a mummers play is mainly about good and evil and old and new the good being St George because ...read more.


We had the same group as always it was sukhjeet, kirpal, Arun, jashpal, and me so that was alright because we knew everybody and we all knew what talents we all had so it was easy to pick who could be who In the play there where some problems as always we spent most of the time just reading the play over and over again were didn't get started on the actions till our last rehearsal so we didn't really know what we had to do to act it out we did know all of our lines well almost all of our lines. ...read more.


However I do think that we could have made it a bit longer and the fight seen could have been choreographed a bit better and that could have been longer and also I think that all of us should have spaced the words out a bit more and put a few more actions into it. Over all I think that the play was a success I think that it was really cool and every one did as much as the could and if I had the chance to I would want to do a bit more scripted plays I think that it is really fun to put actions to words hard but fun Ben Walsh 10x4 ...read more.

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