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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: Drama
  • Word count: 3465

Drama Course Work

Extracts from this document...


Saint Joan Our first task was non-naturalistic, choral work using a short piece of text. By use of non-naturalistic drama, we learnt that when Joan heard the voices, she was probably scared and worried that she was going mad, but she may have been happy, as she knew God was talking to her, telling her what to do. We saw two sides of the story, one where she was pleased to hear the voices of saints and one where she was very afraid. The actors who played the saints used hushed voices, which helped me to understand that what Joan heard may have been supernatural, and frightening, making her unsure of her convictions. We had the saints move closer into Joan's personal space. This made us understand that Joan may have felt invaded, or encroached, and in turn afraid. The lines that we used, were repeated and said in choral, but sometimes, one actor would just say the lines, but in a loud, firm voice as if to order Joan. This showed us that Joan might have been persuaded by the voices, truly believing that they were giving her God's message. Next, we did some scripted work. We had a small extract from the play, "Saint Joan," by George Bernard Shaw, which was about Joan's arrival in the town of Orleans and how she met the commander of the army there; Dunois. We were in groups of two. We portrayed Joan as impatient, masculine, and uncaring about what her soldiers were doing; this showed us that she was in "love with war" and was determined to do what ever she could to win the battle and reclaim France from the English. Dunois, we portrayed as a sceptical, uninterested, and disbelieving; he couldn't understand how Joan was so sure of her plans. Joan had to show how sure she was, as the men didn't believe that she was able to succeed as a commander of a battalion of men. ...read more.


JOAN Is this the time for patience? Our enemy is at out=r gates and here we are stand doing nothing. Oh, why are you not fighting? DUNOIS Come let me begin to make a soldier of you. HE TAKES HER TO THE WATERS EDGE Do you see those two forts at the end of the bridge? JOAN Yes. Are they ours or the enemy's? DUNOIS Be quiet and listen to me. If I were in either of those forts with only ten men, I could hold it against and army. The English have more than ten time ten soldiers in those forts to hold against them. JOAN They cannot hold against God. God did not give them the land under those forts they stole it from him. He gave it to us. I will take those forts. Our men will take them. I will lead them. DUNOIS Not a man will follow you. JOAN I will not look back to see whether anyone is following me. I will be the first up the ladder when we reach the fort. My heart is full of courage I will lead and your men will follow; that is all I can do. But I must do it; you shall not stop me. DUNOIS Good. You have the makings of a soldier in you. You are in love with war. HOSPITAL IN BRUSSELS EDITH Quiet now, we must not wake them. NURSE I don't think that is the most important thing right now. Edith, there are German police coming. They want to arrest you! EDITH I'm not afraid. NURSE Why ever not? EDITH I have done all I can in this world. I, perhaps wish that I could have had longer to see the help my achievements have done. But I know that no matter if I leave this world now or later, that the work I started here will continue to be done. THERE IS A LOUD BANGING AND BOTH WOMEN LOOK UP, FEAR IN THEIR EYES. ...read more.


Halina Birenbaum The stylised drama was brilliant. It was terrifying and mystifying at the same time, for the beats of the soldiers beating down the doors hit you right in the chest with terror, even though you knew it was acting. It was easy to get the mood and the impact was phenomenal. I especially enjoyed hearing the thoughts of the soldiers; how the people playing them could come up with such varied opinions on their task. Another excellent piece was the frozen pictures of the journey from the train to the camp. We all ended up in awkward positions and staying frozen for the minute we did made it uncomfortable to stay frozen. This gave us a weak idea of what the pain these people must have been going though, which helped us to build up Halina's character. The rehearsed improvisation of the scene when Hilek was taken to a separate of the camp was interesting to do. It was a very emotional piece and this was shown though many way but mainly though body language and voice. There was a strong character relationship and this was shown for our group through how each woman had a different way to say goodbye to Hilek. One group had Hilek declare his love for Hela as he was being dragged away, which was a beautiful idea but could have been portrayed slightly better, I think. It was difficult to hear what he was saying over the noise from the guards and the noise that the women were making. I loved doing the essence machine; it was a very clever way to produce the feeling without doing an actual piece of drama. We used voice and movement to show how after a while the people felt crushed and defeated with no hope. My favourite group in this repeated each noise three time, each time getting more crushed until the only person left standing, the warden, said, "Dead" and they all fell to the ground. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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