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Drama Coursework

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GCSE Drama Coursework Rebecca Henry Response Phase - Hot Seating In today's lesson we were given a fact sheet, out lining the information and the story of the 'Hanging of Ruth Ellis'. We discussed the case and who was to blame. During our discussion it became clear to us that Ruth Ellis did actually commit a premeditated murder, but on the other hand that David Blakely's abusive treatment towards her was unacceptable. We devised a performance it was a court case investigating David Blakely's murder. We used flashbacks to unfold the story. It was also interesting to see that some of the group was split some felt sympathy with David Blakely and others Ruth Ellis. ...read more.


2) Did he love you? Yes I've always known that he loved me he just could not control his anger. It was the drink that made him turn aggressive; he just couldn't help but drink! 3) What was your relationship like? Our relationship was very mixed. It would sometimes be full of love but could quickly change into hate. In the end, I knew that this destructive and abusive relationship could not be saved. 4) Did you love him? Yes, very much this is the reason as to why I found it so difficult to leave him, but soon enough the abuse became too much for me. 5) How were you feeling on the night of when you murdered David? ...read more.


but I do think that hot-seating is the best way to get an accurate portrayal of the character you are performing as. I think that hot-seating improved my performance because I had a deeper understanding of the way my character would perform while on stage. I also enjoyed asking other members of the class questions during hot-seating. Because you might hear different ideas which could help to improve your hot-seating further. It also helps you to decide who you feel is in the wrong Ruth Ellis or David Blakely. I also thought that many of the pupils performing as David Blakely through the hot-seating gave a good and useful insight to his point of views and emotions and this helped to develop my own character Ruth Ellis. ?? ?? ?? ?? Rebecca Henry ...read more.

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