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Drama coursework - In a Children's Home

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DRAMA COURSEWORK. Our initial ideas were to set the play in a children's home this was changed, we decided it should be about a character who had lived in a children's home or a troubled teen we went for the first option. Our play had many scenes, in the first scene you find out about the tragedy that you were going to see and how the main characters friend, Zo� was feeling guilty for the events that took place. The next seen informs you of the relationship between the main character Jackie and her mother Mrs Green, thought tracking is used in this scene (flashback was used here). In the third scene you find out a bit more about their relationship and Jackie leaves home. In the fourth scene Jackie is gathering her thoughts. In the fifth scene Zo� says that she should have let Jackie sort out her own problems (flashback was used here). In the next scene Jackie and Zo� meet up and Zo� takes Jackie back to her squat. In the seventh scene Zo� takes Jackie out escorting (prostitution) ...read more.


Zo�'s parents died in a car crash when she was 6 she had no other relatives so was put in a care home. She ran away to live in Manchester and when she could not find a place to live or work took to 'escorting' she found an abandoned flat and set up residence there, it is now her squat. She is 19 has brown hair and brown eyes she is comfortable with who she is, but knows this is not the life for Jackie, she is not very good at friendship. She gets Jackie involved in escorting and drugs knowing that its wrong she doesn't push her into escorting, but when it comes to the cannabis she tells her that she cannot listen to the advice of her alcoholic mother and pushes her into it. Zo�'s difficult past makes her think she is worth nothing and this is why she is an escort and a drug user. I try to use strong body language to show that Jackie can be quite loud and rash; I raise my eyebrows and tilt my head slightly when I try to get a point across for example when she doesn't want any of the spliff (cannabis). ...read more.


I wear the clothes for Zo� because they are revealing and shout prostitution to me. The performance was not brilliant, there was too many scene changes and black outs, it was too long. Our performances were better than we had anticipated and we remembered almost everything, we did forget some lines but managed to improvise quite well. I could have been bolder and confident in my acting so that I could express my characters better, and my body language, facial expressions and voice was not as good as they could have been for the mother especially. Our play idea was good it had a strong storyline and a lot of drama and emotions put into it. It did involve to many scene changes and was quite long as it was only meant to be short. The lighting was most effective when Jackie tried to kill herself we decided not to show her killing herself and just blacked out instead. The staging was simple but allowed us to make the movements necessary for the performance. Costumes did help express the characters and show whom I was playing and when. The props helped show what I was doing at times for instance when I was rolling a spliff (cannabis). ...read more.

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