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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: Drama
  • Word count: 2823

Drama Coursework - Paper 1 Unit1 - Devised Workshop Love and Abuse

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Joseph Patrick Drama Coursework Paper 1 Unit1 Devised Workshop Love and Abuse Response Phase 1: Lyrics as Stimulus: Breathless Breathless: My first thought about this song was that it would be about something happy; this is because the beat of the song is somewhat upbeat. After the first listening we received the words and then you got the full effect of this song. In reality this song is one of sadness and of the tragedy of a woman being abused by her significant other. I have remorse for this woman because she says that, 'I've never felt so much to blame.' This isn't right for her to blame herself for the abuse that she faces in her everyday life. Picture as Stimulus: Photo of Claire When I first saw the picture of Claire I was amazed that a human being could do that to another human being. I was amazed that Claire had the strength to let a newspaper run an article about her with a picture. I thought that she must be a really strong, good hearted person to inform others about the abuse and violence that goes on every single day of the year. By looking at the picture one cannot help but to wonder what was going on at the time that this incident took place, and who committed this gruesome act of violence upon another human being. Also you wonder whether or not the person who did this was trying to kill Claire or not. Imagine you are Claire: If I was Claire when this picture was taken I would not even be able to imagine what would be going through my head. ...read more.


Evaluation Phase 1: Evaluation of Performance Featuring Claire and David: Overall I felt that my partner and I performed very well. We stayed in character the whole time; there were never any awkward pauses, and it went very smoothly the whole way through. Also I believe that we added just enough comedy to make this piece interesting for the audience. Evaluation, What Worked etc.: I think that overall we had more things that worked than things that didn't work. Our comedy is one part that I thought went really well as I said before, although some of our more subtle jokes were not picked up on by the audience. Also one thing that I thought that could have been done to enhance the performance was to dim the lights as I think that it would have given the piece a more dramatic feel. Evaluation of Other Group's Performances: Overall I think that the other group's performances went as well as our did. Many groups had good props that they used well. Also another item worth commenting on is other people's choices of setting. There was a very large variety of setting ranging from a walk in a park where movement made the piece more interesting, to cinemas were lighting was used exceptionally well to set the mood of the "cinema" that the piece supposedly took place in. Some things that I thought could have been improved was keeping in character. A few people came out of character quite often. For example a common trend was people giggling when their partner would stumble with words. I will say it again that I thought that the positives very greatly overweighed the negatives. ...read more.


We made it a very emotional trial with David yelling to Claire, "I loved you, how could you lie about me," and other things of that nature. Development of Costume, Space and Props: During our court case we used a lot of these concepts trying to make or piece the best it could possibly be. In terms of costume we made David seem mentally ill with his clothes all distraught and he always kept fidgeting as though there was something wrong with him. In terms of space we set up all of the chairs in a way that resembled a court room with all of the chairs facing the witness bench and other things like that. The props that we used included the Judge's gambit that he uses in cases of noise. Evaluation Phase 3: Evaluation of Courtroom Scene: Overall I think the courtroom scene went very well. There were a couple of cases of people coming out of character but other than that the performance went very smoothly. I felt the way we interpreted the scene went very well. The layout was very good for the performance which allowed the room a feeling that we were really in a courtroom. Evaluation of Learning Processes: I think that I came away with a lot after this piece of drama. I think that this piece in particular really helped me to work on my abilities to work with a group. We had to make very many hard decisions and I think that we did really well in choosing what we were going to do. I really enjoyed doing this piece of work as it was something that I was very interested in and I liked the character who I was cast as. ...read more.

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