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Drama Coursework

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Drama Coursework My devised performance for option 1 was assessed on the 31st January and is based on the theme of homelessness. I played a few parts in the performance such as; in the first scene I was a controller who does not talk but simply controls the main characters who are in a lifeless state. ...read more.


This does not involve a lot other than say "sorry I don't have any money" and then as another passer-by I say "get away from me!" Then I play the part of a stereotypical bar manager who refuses to let Niki into the club because of the way she looks. ...read more.


As a manager I had to play the role appropriately by standing firm to show the other characters that I was in charge. I also did this by raising my voice slightly at the other characters. I am comparing my devised performance to 'Under the Bridge' which is a play about ...read more.

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