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Drama Development coursework

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Drama Coursework- Development In the 1980's there was a great recession in which thousands and thousands lost there jobs, in the 1980's the interest rate peeked at nearly 20%, causing Unemployment and everyone struggling for money. Liverpool, the setting of Blood Brothers was hit very badly with more than half the population unemployed, with masses moving out everyday to find jobs elsewhere. It is relevant for audiences watching Blood Brothers today because Britain may again be slipping into an economic rut, thought it will not nearly be as bad as the 1980's. In class we have one lots of practical work about the play and worked a lot on characterisation, and thought through how we would play particular characters to make them as effective as possible, for example, in our class one group did a very good interpretation of the narrator, they showed him as a very shadowy character that controlled most of what happened in the play, like, he gave the gun to Mickey, when he was going to go kill Eddie, which gave of the impression that the narrator was bending the characters to do what he said, I liked this and found it very effective because I found the narrator a scary and sinister character and I thought the way that he controlled the play was almost like a creepy puppet show. ...read more.


In his hand he has a bottle of some spirits which he swigs from every few steps, each time swaying more and more, upon reaching the front door he finishes the rest of the bottle and throws it into a nearby bush and rings the doorbell, a few seconds pass before the shadowy silhouette of Eddie comes to the door. It opens.) Eddie-Mickey, how wonderful it is to see you, come in come in, will you have a drink? (Glances back towards Mickey with an enquiring expression on his face, he is wearing a brown suit and looks very smart, as he leads him down towards the reading room) Mickey-No, I've had loads (said rather bluntly without little expression) Eddie- Ah well Errrm, Do sit down, and get warm by the fire, its very cold out isn't it? (They both sit down next to a blazing fire, Mickey rubbing his hands together, Eddie pours himself a glass of what looks like whiskey from a nearly full, crystal decanter, the lighting in the room is quite low with the majority of the light coming from the fire, and there is a faint sound of classical music emitting from somewhere upstairs) Mickey- I've been with our Sammy, remember our Sammy? (Spoken, softly, but with a threatening tone behind the voice) Eddie- Ah yes, Of course, How is he? ...read more.


Mrs Johnston- Mickey don't, he's your brother (Everyone freezes at the shock of what has just been said, Mrs Lyons breaks the silence) Mrs Lyons- You bitch, I knew you'd tell them, but it doesn't matter ill still have my Edward and your evil son will be dead! (She moves to shoot Mickey, Eddie yell and dives in front of Mickey, the shot is fired and Eddie screams in pain, Mickey is dumbstruck and looks down at his brother in horror, There is another shot and Mickey crumples down next to his brother, both dead.....Mrs Lyons breaks down and begins crying to herself, and Mrs Johnston falls down next to her sons, morning them, she suddenly sits up straight and addresses the audience as the narrator) Mother/Narrator-Did you ever hear the tale of the Johnston twins? As Like each other, as two new pins How one was kept, one given away How they were born and died on the self same day. (Spoken sadly almost lovingly) (Curtain Closes) This is how I would perform that scene, with quite a few lines changed, this is how I feel would be the most effective way to perform it, the stage type I would use would we a proscenium stage, were the audience can see form one angle, I would use this type of stage because it is the simplest to use as the can only see one side, there for it is easy to work out proxemics etc. Joe Ingham ...read more.

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