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Drama development task

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Task One: Dear Beth, I guess this is goodbye. I'm sorry I don't have the guts to say this to your face, but what else can I do? I want you to remember all the good times we had together and keep fighting. I want you to find a way to escape our world and find a better place. I want you to lead a happy, and trouble free life. You will, won't you? You'll do that for me. You want to make me happy don't you, then escape and enjoy your freedom. I want you to enjoy the little life you have left. Leave mum far behind you, and move on. Find a new family, one that will love you for who you are, and not want to take away your freedom. Be happy, and don't let her hurt you any more. I want you to stand up for yourself, tell her how much you hate her. Remind her, of everything she did to us, then turn your back on her and walk away from and make your own life. Create a life that is just yours Beth, no one else's, a life that no one else can snatch from you, like mum snatched ours, like mum snatched away yours and mine, Beth don't let any one else do that to you. Stand up for yourself, show the world the Beth Harrison I know, love and am proud of. ...read more.


Please, please, please, please find a way to escape mum and find happiness again. From your loving sister Chloe xxxxxxxxxxxxxx To stage this performance I would use a split stage because in one side of the stage, Chloe will be sitting on the floor reading the letter out loud and then on the other side of the stage the characters will be acting out the contents of the letter. The characters I would use in the drama are the mum, the dad, Beth and Chloe. Beth and Chloe would clearly be in the drama as they are the protagonists and the entire drama is based on them. The mum would be in it because only then can the audience see the way she abused the girls and because she is the antagonist. The dad would only be in the two scenes that concern him. The letter would be narrated by Chloe as it is her letter and I think that the drama should be staged in their house, Chloe is in the attic reading the letter out loud, while on the other side of the stage the others are in various parts of the house. I think that in the drama we would have two Chloe's, one who reads out the letter and another who takes part in the drama. The letter would have to be narrated in a serious, yet heartbreaking way. ...read more.


This scene would show the audience how close the sisters wee and that no matter how much the mum favouritized between them she always bought them the same things. The last scene would be a still image showing Chloe lying down on one side of the split stage, while on the other side it would show Chloe getting up and putting the letter on the floor she turns her back to the audience. This would be the ending of the drama. The sound I would use in this would be the song Concrete Angel by Martina McBride. I would use this song because it is a piece of music about child abuse and it would also create atmosphere as this is a slow song and it would also allow the audience to get more involved in the drama. I would have a blue light on the part of the stage where Chloe would be sitting because it would symbolize sadness and loneliness. I would have a white and red light on the other side of the split stage because red symbolizes anger and fear. The red light would show the mother's anger and the twins' fear. The white light would symbolize freedom and equality. The white light would show the twins' hope for freedom and it would also show how they consider themselves equal no matter who the mother favors the most. ?? ?? ?? ?? Examination Portfolio Work Development Twins Nova Khan ...read more.

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