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Drama - Essay about our group piece on cyberbullying.

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´╗┐Evaluation of performance: Bullying When my group was assigned I was bit concerned as well as happy. We had two members of the group that were consistently messing around; it was disruptive. This action of those two members had an impact on our decision making of what we should do. Eva came up with a brilliant idea. Amanda Todd; fifteen year old girl who has been blackmailed and cyberbullied by an anonymous man, who ruined her life which ended with a tragedy. We have chosen this story as it sends out vigorous message to the audience. This was a perfect story to write about as it was based on a true story. Our group numerous of ideas of how could we set this out. However, we went with Eva?s idea, because it was the most powerful,effective, vigorous way to give out this message. Eva has told us that she will be writing the script, and handing out the roles. We have all agreed and were grateful that she will be doing the script as we could've then concentrated on actual workshop. ...read more.


We have dealt with this situation by threatening them that we?ll have to result of talking to the teacher about moving them to a different group. After all of the hassle they?ve calmed down and we could finally start working on our piece. A day before the performance (Sunday) we have arranged a meet up point, which was Eva?s house. We were meant to improve small details and our timing. Everyone came expect one member. Daniel. The attendance for this practice session has been crucial; he has not came for whatever reason. Everyone was disappointed, infuriated with him. We have decided that we will minimize his parts in our play otherwise our performance would not work out how it was meant to. After four hours of practise, we had a good idea of what we are doing. Great! The day came. All the hard work we have been put through was going to pay off. We got out of our lessons ten minutes before our performance to set up the staging, change into our ?costumes? (Put on a black t-shirt/top for more dramatic effect as Black is associated with power, elegance, formality, death, evil, and mystery.) ...read more.


All of them knew the answer to the questions. I was surprised. Some pupils came up to me saying that the performence tought them something knew, and they have not know that it can effect people to commit suicide. I enjoyed myself with year seven. I have to say I had the best group. They?ve done what was asked from them, their drama techinques and their knowledge shocked me, I wouldn?t of though they would know so much at this age! They had plenty to tell by acting; waiting to give out a message. Overall I am more than happy with the performance, we have shown to year sevens. The amount of effort and communication we had to put into it was incredible. We could improve some areas, but everyone learns from mistakes. I have gained experience to perform for different audience not just the classroom. As well as see how hard the teachers job is (In drama sense). Characters: 5993 Words: 1083 Sentences: 67 Paragraphs: 9 Avg. Sentence Length: 17 Sebastian Kowalewski 10O ...read more.

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