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Drama Essay - Blood Brothers

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Drama Essay Coursework Blood Brothers tells the story of twin bothers who are born into a large working class family from Liverpool called the Johnston's. Due to financial problems and threats from the welfare to take the family into care, Mrs Johnston decides to have one of the twins adopted into the Lyons family, (a rich upper-class family who are unable to have children). The play looks at the differences and conflicts in their upbringings, their relationships to each other and those around them, and their real and adopted mothers. The essential way we went about working on it was this. We would start off by reading the passage we would be working on at the beginning of the lesson. We would then talk with our teacher about how we should go about performing the piece and what kind of techniques we should use to make our pieces real. We would then go off into our groups and create and practice our scene and then perform it, often using many improvising during the process. We did a lot of preparatory lessons leading up to our main scene that we would work on. These are the lessons we did: * Liverpudlian Accent - For this lesson we started off by reading the first 2 chapters of the play. We then as a class discussed what we thought the stereotypical accents would be for each of the two classes of family. ...read more.


Then we transformed the piece into us at a bowling alley, where Tyler and me get into a fight scene but quickly make up. We then moved onto the group dancing, which involved Tyler getting ahead of himself and the rest of the group walking off and then moved onto us everyone at the beach relaxing. We really all came up with the idea, with each of us adding pointers here and there but I think I gradually took control of the group and became the leader, as I was having to get them to listen and stop messing about and focus on what we were doing and directing them in what they should do and where they should go. We also had trouble choreographing it as nobody really knew what they were doing and we wanted to make sure we were continually facing the audience. In the first lesson we didn't really do anything as none of us had any ideas and there was a lot of squabbling around who should be in the group as there was a lot of us, and nobody wanted Tyler to be in the group due to his reputation for messing about and losing focus. In the second lesson we decided to throw a lot of ideas together to see what we could come up with and eventually we came up with the idea we had with the help of our teacher. ...read more.


I think the first scene was marginally better than the second as we had much more time to come up with the ideas and it was quite a bit longer. I think I played quite a big role in the whole thing as I did a lot to contribute to the ideas and helped to get everyone into order. I think next time I will try performing with other people as everyone in my group I have worked with quite a lot. Also it will give me the opportunity to broaden my ideas and get to know other people, as I do not get on with some of the people in me group. To finish I would like to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed doing the Blood Brothers subject and I have learnt a lot from the experience and learned many new techniques. I also think that if I was in Mrs Johnston's shoes I would also have given away my child as I would rather give one away, knowing that its going to a good home and get to keep the rest than keep them all and then lose them all. I think the play teaches us that we have to respect other people no matter what class of living they come from and always try to listen to and stick with your friends. I have much to improve on and I think the play is a very good one, and I wished I had of seen it when the drama groups saw the play in London. Jonathan Nelson 10O Drama Mr. Lee-Allen ...read more.

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