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Drama Evaluation - Mountain Language

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Drama Evaluation Mountain Language In the first task we had to act out a high and low status in pairs. I choose to be a low status person because it was easier for me to act than a high status person. A high status person needs to be loud and confident and I don't think I would be loud enough. A low status person needs to be quiet and scared and I can be that. We decided to choose an sc´┐Żne with a maid and Hollywood star in it. I was the maid and my partner was the Hollywood star. When we did the scene there wasn't a lot of eye contact from the maid. I acted like I was scared and had my eyes on the floor most of the time. The maid spoke quickly and quietly to show fear. The general tone of my voice and my actions were nervous. ...read more.


In the next assignment we had to do a group image of a modern city. The teacher told us what to do like the market place, protesters and religious fanatics and so on. I got into a group of four and we did street entertainment. We had a juggler, a dancer, a miner and a person in charge rounding up the people. Her volume was loud all the time to get people to watch. Her tone of voice was friendly and cheerful. Everyone one else did not speak because it looked effected. My posture was standing with my shoulders back. I moved at a medium pace with confidence. I was smiling to make other people in the city smile back and watch the entertainment. Another group were muggers. They spoke quickly and whispered when mugging. They took sudden movements. The city image looked better when people mixed they scene with other people's scenes. ...read more.


In the next assignment we had to do a split focus scenes. It had to show that "the city and village are in the same country, but are not equal. The city has more power." The city people were posh and the villagers had a farmer's accent. We had to show the differences between cities and villagers. We set two scenes. The villagers were in different levels, doing different jobs. The city people were having a tea party and complaining about the villagers. We had 4 split scenes than we used choral speaking where you all say something together and we used synchronised movement where you all do the same thing together. Life in the city and the country was the same because they were both complaining about each other, how they were lazy and did no work. Life in the city and the country was different because villagers have to have a permit to visit the city but city people can walk into the village anytime they want. ...read more.

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