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Drama Evaulation

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Sex Education Evaluation My group 1. The overall intention of our sex education piece was to inform year nines about different types of STIs. Including how they are transferred, visible symptoms and how they are treated. 2. We tried to achieve the intentions of our piece by having four naturalistic characters that all caught an STI. We showed all characters at present day so the symptoms were visible, and then used numerous flashbacks to the doctors so that we could explain how they were transferred and how they can be treated. 3. We devised the work in this way so that there was a clear divide between the comedy of the piece and the vital information that needed to be conveyed. We chose to use humour with both comical characters and accents, (both common and stereotypical blondes) when acting in the present day. So that when the flashbacks occurred, and we played more realistic characters the audience would understand that a serious approach to the content would be used here. Since we felt that this may be more engaging and memorable for our audience. 4. I played two characters throughout the piece, one being a middle aged female doctor and the other a sixteen year old chav-style girl. ...read more.


However, since we were working with the TIE theatre, one aspect is to engage the audience. Even though we were told that we didn't have to, I think it would have increased the memorability of our intentions if the audience were engaged. 6. In order to make our piece more effective next time, I would spend more time going over the symptoms that you would experience if you had a certain STI. Because this was an important area of our intentions that we spent little time discussing when it's crucial that the audience know. I would also spend more time on characterisation throughout the piece, because this would create more believable characters that the audience could relate to. And therefore feel a strong emotion towards them when they found out they had an STI, because this is how they would feel in real life and it would have been nice to convey that emotion also. Sam, Lauren, Ellie, Calum and Phillip's group 1. A group that I found effective was Sam's group. This group had the intention of informing the audience about different perspectives on teenage pregnancy. They guided the audience through what to do in certain situations, and the options they are represented with. ...read more.


They also used music at the end of the piece which clearly tied everything together neatly and everything was understood. As well as this, they also contrasted two different perspectives on teenage pregnancy, so it was made clear that there is no right answer only what's best for you. The contrasting worked effectively because it kept the audience engaged due to the fact that there were two separate stories to follow. 4. Although the piece did work very well, I think it could be improved further by lowering the level of vocabulary used. Because at times the vocabulary was at a very high standard and perhaps not all year nines would understand completely. This could have caused them to lose interest throughout the piece. So if the vocabulary could be changed so that year nines might understand it easier, they may have had an overall better understanding of the intentions. Also, they could have worked on their characterisation a little more, because the female characters were the same at some parts, which lowered the dramatic impact when they were being contrasted. Therefore if the characters differed a little, the performance would have been stronger in a sense that the two separate stories were exploring possible different pathways. ?? ?? ?? ?? Amy Parsons 30/01/08 Drama Evaluation Sex Education Piece ...read more.

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