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Drama Exploration - Response: "For the response phase of our drama exploration unit, we used two different explorative strategies in order to investigate our characters"

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GCSE Drama 1699 Paper 1 - Unit 2 - Drama Exploration II Task 1 - Response For the response phase of our drama exploration unit, we used two different explorative strategies in order to investigate our characters and help us to be able to define them better and also to allow us to be able to really become the character instead of imitating what we think the character is like. The two explorative strategies we use were called, "The Watering Hole" and "Marking the Moment". The character that I play the part of is called Reg from the play "Table Manners" by Alan Ayckbourne. He is a realtor and is married to Sarah; they have two children and have what may be called a turbulent relationship. The Watering Hole The first explorative strategy which we covered was called "The Watering Hole". During this exercise we were to think of what our character would be like as an animal. ...read more.


This is appropriate because Reg is not an organised person and he would not work well as a group as he is more of an independent creature. For the voice of our creature we came to the decision that his 'voice' would need to resemble that of his actual voice; droning and extremely boring as every other character finds him, he would drink from the pool while very engrossed in the water and would splash around in it and be very amused by it, showing some of his immature side. When faced with the task of acting out what our character would do if he were to wash himself, we chose to just flop onto the mattress (our watering hole) and splash the water and just lie in it as her is not interested in washing himself but in playing in the watering hole. We decided to have different reactions to each character. Name Of Character How we would act? ...read more.


This moment is significant because it clearly shows Toms realisation and ignorance and Reg's disinterest in others' matters, giving us a clear insight into both characters. We marked this moment by using Tom's facial expressions to show what he was thinking during Reg's ignorant speech about aeroplanes. This helped me to understand Reg much better because it showed me that he is a very shallow person and only cares about a few things in life; food, golf and his own personal satisfaction. In conclusion I think that these strategies helped me to better understand my character due to the fact that it forces you to think about what your character would be like outside of the set lines in the play and he or she would be as an actual person and this develops the way I can fit into the role of the character in order to fulfil the role. David Fernandes Page 1 of 3 ...read more.

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