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Drama Explorative strategies - playing the role of Kipps in The Women in Black

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* "The Women in Black" the thriller performance written by Susan Hill, and was adapted into a play by Stephen Mallatratt. In this play, an older Kipps enlists an actor to help him tell the story of the * 'Woman in Black', hoping that with his help, it will let him move on from the hauntings and events. The actor plays the part of the young Arthur Kipps while Kipps plays the roles of the people he met, and typically ends with the women in black appearing. * Our first use of the explorative strategies was that of still images of key moments of the play. Two groups were given the opportunity to explore different moments of heightened tension. * In my group our first still image consisted of Kipps first visual meeting of the women in black. myself portraying Jerome, had my face to the floor with his neck craned. Sherif playing Kipps also had his body facing the audience but was looking over his shoulder with a confused, shocked and amazed look on his face, at the imaginary women in black which was symbolised in this by a coat hanger. ...read more.


This excersise allowed us to divert out attention away from the main characters and focus on the less dominant ones in order to truly understand the detail of the calatoral damage done by the women in black within in the play. * To amplify our understanding of how he language of stage directions can create a mood and atmosphere we were asked to read three pages of dialogue from the play (48-50).,we were put in groups of 5 and asked to create Kipps nightmare using sound and voices, * plus lighting to add the atmosphere. My group decided to have 3 of us repeat 3 different phrases repetitively while circling him meanwhile the lights were being switched on and off, as we finished, Kipps who is tossing and turning springs up to life and screams "STELLA!" * as we performed this our faces were blank are voices became louder and louder each time we finished our phrase while Kipps topped it off by screaming out stella the lights switching on and then finally off. ...read more.


* To fully understand how crosscutting and change in scene can be done swiftly without much effort. To do this there was a box filled with a variety of costumes and small props. We were the put into groups and were instructed to choose one of the stories from the play, * one playing the actor, one playing Kipps and changing character by simply removing or placing a prop on your body. My group decided to cross-cut back and forth frequently from the Actor and Kipps to Kipps and Keckwick. By the actor placing a coat on along with holding a briefcase he immediately became Kipps and Kipps by just placing a hat on his head became Keckwick and immediately when this was reversed they became their original characters again. * This simple exercise was operational as it showed me how a simple change in prop/costume can change a character in an easy motion. * Throughout this exploration, by rendering a variety of roles, I extended my understanding of the play "the women in black" as a whole and the different layers within it. ?? ?? ?? ?? Documentary Evidence - Unit two The women in Black ...read more.

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