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drama personal statement

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Drama has been a subject that has greatly influenced me both personally and academically. I have found that through drama, I have been able to free my mind and my heart. It has helped me to grow as a person and, through acting and character work, I have been able to understand emotions and states of mind more clearly. Drama gives me an immense feeling of release and I love the sense of being part of something so full of energy and enthusiasm. I feel that the dramatic talents that I have had have been a gift. I would love to get the chance to learn more about the subject and gain more personal experience and skills During my time at Plumstead Manor School and Negus Sixth Form, I have taken part in many different performances, both dramatically and musically based. My favourite of these was a performance of Macbeth, which we performed at Greenwich Theatre as part of the "Shakespeare Schools" competition. ...read more.


woman and as an emotional character, as opposed to an angry one such as Lady Macbeth I love trying new things and "The Ark" gave me a chance to do that In my spare time, I enjoy singing. I am in a church choir, which involves both weekly Sunday services and Thursday rehearsals. It is a wonderful experience as it constantly challenges me musically, as we learn many different pieces of music in a variety of different languages. I think this is a wonderful experience, as I am able to do something that I love whilst learning new things and growing musically. Singing is something, like drama, that I feel able to connect with. I love the skill that it takes, the precision it involves and the beauty it produces. I also have singing lessons; I have recently taken my Grade 7 singing exam, for which I received distinction. This is also something that I wish to continue with in the future, as it is something that I find really interesting and enjoyable I also have a great interest in languages, particularly German. ...read more.


I enjoy doing this and I also feel that it has greatly helped my personal skills and my knowledge and understanding of how children learn and develop Before going to university, I am taking a GAP year in which I hope to be working in Brazil teaching English or a variety of subjects to young children. I feel that this will increase my preparation for university, giving me a chance to experience things that only this GAP year could offer, which may at the end of it, have a positive impact on the way I approach life and education. After my drama degree, I hope to be accepted at a music college to do a post-graduate classical singing degree. I would like to then try and combine both degrees by hopefully getting into Opera and/or theatre work I know that this is career is right for me. However I get involved in the industry it will be been the realization of a passion which has been with me for the majority of my years, and has been my motivation towards success in education. ...read more.

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