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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: Drama
  • Word count: 2676

Drama Play - ‘Harry Gets Potted’

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Drama Play - 'Harry Gets Potted' Synopsis The script is about a 25 - 45 (yet to be decided) year old alcoholic called Harry Slezington. He is actually drinking a bottle of bourbon in the opening scene. Harry has big nights and goes for mystery drives when he is drunk, avoiding the busy traffic so he can clear his mind and party in his car for that extra bit longer before he goes home to his boring girlfriend/wife. He is a courageous man and his life isn't that good so he likes excitement and things that make his heart beat. He is a bit of a sleaze and attends the local strip club regularly. The explanation for why his heaven is full of girls. The script starts off with Harry driving drunk down an empty street with a bottle of Jim Beam in his hand. He thinks about the night he has had and ends up having a car crash. Harry finds himself in the middle of nowhere as he climbs out of the wreckage. He needs to use a phone so goes to a nearby house to get one (not noticing that he is in absolutely no pain after a fatal crash). The house seems deserted at first and so the tension builds. As Harry steps into the house he feels like he is at home, but ignores the feeling and searches for a phone. That's when ghostly figures start flickering on the screen unnoticed by Harry. ...read more.


Outline > Style - mystery > Audience - I have written the story for people around 16 onwards because I believe that people younger than that might not understand the full story and might not catch on to clues. > Harry Slezington is the central character and everything revolves around him > There's two other main speakers and that is the girl on the stairs and God > Main dialogue is based around Harry and his thoughts > The program will basically be pointing out that things aren't what they seem > Viewer is tricked into thinking the house is haunted or that the house is hiding secrets > The protagonist has a car crash and goes to inspect a nearby house for a phone. He is unaware of ghostly figures that surround him, but as the story goes on he is able to communicate with one who points him in the direction of a phone. Harry is suspicious yet quite pleased at the number of girls who are in the house but right at the end of the script there is a twist and he finds out that he actually died in the car crash and is in heaven. > I want the narrative to be eerie and a mysterious at first and humorous when the truth is revealed Treatment 1. INT Harry driving in his car NIGHT 1. Harry is singing "show me the way to go home" whilst driving with a bottle of alcohol in his hand. ...read more.


HARRY splashes his face again and stands up to face LIFESAVER. LIFESAVER Here, let me get that for you. (wiping harrys face with towel) So Harry I hear you like fishing. HARRY Yeah, I like fishing. LIFESAVER Well, I've got a spare rod if you want to hook a few later on? HARRY is staring out at river in a daze and doesn't notice the girl has left. HARRY Yeah that'd.. that'd be great. HARRY is confused and looks around. The girl has disappeared so he goes back up to the house. Scene 10. INT Gods Office 10. HARRY enters a room, there is a light flashing above his head, GOD's voice can be heard, but he cannot be seen. GOD Welcome Harry Ahhh hello? Someone told me I could use your phone God Harry you can have anything you want... anything Harry Well I want to call, actually I need to call home. God You can call whoever you want Harry, Miss macpherson left her number here for you, u used to have a thing for her. Harry What? How did you know that? God Harry we have watched you through your whole life and have come up with the perfect design. Harry Look I dunno who you are, or what this place is, but I want to know. God Harry, its simple, you're dead, welcome to heaven... You are no longer a part of the complicated world, your life is simple... Welcome to heaven... A light above HARRY's head grows brighter as he has a final smirk on his face. 6. ...read more.

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