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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: Drama
  • Word count: 3025

Drama Portfolio ~ Fear.

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Drama Portfolio ~ Fear ~ Hanaa Anwar ~ Ms.Routledge ~ 10.2 ~ 11G RESPONSE In workshop one there was two forms of drama; straight improvisation and teacher in-role. This was structured by having the class in a semi circle and the teacher walking in straight in-role as the manager of the youth hostel. The teacher said in-role that we were 'experienced therapists' this automatically made clear on the role we were to play so we were quick to think as the form was straight improvisation. Structuring the drama as a semi circle of chairs gave the impression it was a meeting of some sort. The opening of the circle where the manager sat showed the meeting was being lead by a person of higher status. In the second half of the workshop the class was working in pairs, the form was still straight improvisation. We were carrying on from being therapists in this youth hostel but one of the pairs was now the girl we were treating with therapy. This is where our stimulus came in to use. Our stimuli was a picture of a girl screaming, holding her head in pain, surrounded by a lake with two people walking away. This was drawn by the girl who was in therapy. The aim of the drama was to try and get as much information out of the girl about why she had drawn this picture, what it represented and find out who she was, using therapy, as she didn't talk. The stimulus helped us with the form because we couldn't plan what we were going to do but from the stimulus we could see what drama we could create. Both pairs knew what the therapist would be doing but no one knew how the girl was going to react this was good because the straight improvisation would mean each pairs drama piece would differ. ...read more.


We also turned the lights off assuming that no lights worked in this warehouse. We used rostra tops and legs and had them just lying side by side or not fixed together properly to create the impression of a disused space that had not been looked after. The form of this drama was a tableau to start the scene off then straight improvisation where the class played either 'have nots' or undercover SAS officers pretending to be 'have nots', thought tracking with our first thoughts of what we thought of the warehouse and the meeting that was due to take place inside, the last technique used was teacher in-role, this was unexpected as it was straight improvisation and we were not expecting the teacher to come in-role as a police officer checking to see if any 'have nots' had broken into the warehouse. When this happened it created a real sense of electricity and panic amongst the group however it was up to us to keep this electricity going by staying in-role and reacting how we thought a 'have not' would react in this situation. This was vital for the undercover SAS officers as they could not blow their cover. DEVELOPMENT In workshop one I played the role of the disturbed girl found and taken in by the youth hostel. I was having therapy done to me by a music therapist. She was playing different music to me and I was responding by drawing down on paper what I was trying to get out or my particular feelings about the therapy. At first my body language was quite negative as I was turned away but this was because I was feeling alone and scared and nobody understood my problems. When the therapist started playing the music I felt that expressing myself and my feelings on paper was a great way as I was from another country and I did not understand English very well and therefore had no other way of communicating apart from pictures. ...read more.


Their storyline was 'the disturbed girl had killed her twin'; I liked this because most groups automatically thought if the girl is disturbed then she must have been a victim but Hayley's group had thought that maybe she is disturbed because of something she has done, this was distinctive and made their group noticeable. In the nightmare sequence the disturbed girl had killed her twin by drowning her, now the audience knew this it was clear to see why the girl was petrified of water from the previous drama pieces we created. The techniques they used were devil and angel. In the beginning this was successful as it showed the inner feelings of the girl after she had murdered her twin and why she was so disturbed, as her facial features showed her very worried. This was because her thoughts were ones of paranoia and guilt, she showed this in her physical features, and the way she walked quickly and took uneasy steps no rhythm in her walk as she was so worried and guilty. This came across thoroughly to the audience and sometimes devil and angel were unnecessary because the body language was so clear. In workshop four I watched Ieasha and Riellas' performance. Riella had arachnophobia and when she saw a spider she totally lost control. I liked the way she showed this as it was very comical, for example, when she first saw the spider she let out a high pitch scream, which even made the audience a little frightened, and then she jumped out of her seat too. But the thing that made her character believable was that as soon as she saw the spider till the end of the scene she never took her eyes off it and when you are that scared of something of course you would want to know where it is at all times to keep yourself away from harm. WORD COUNT = 3000 ?? ?? ?? ?? Drama Portfolio ~ Fear ~ Hanaa Anwar ~ 11G ~ 10.2 ~ Ms. Routledge ...read more.

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