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Drama Portfolio

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Drama Portfolio When I entered the stimulus room my initial reactions were that it had been created in a way that it made you think about what was going on within each section of the room. For example none of the objects were straightforward and simple to figure out. A lot of the items were symbolic and had multiple meanings such as the mirror in the past section could mean a change of appearance or reflecting on the past. The room was divided into three different sections, past, present and future. There were dividers in-between the sections and these also seemed to have meanings. I interpreted the whole room as being one person's past, present and future and the room told this persons story. ...read more.


Now that the mystery person has died too they are going to meet them in heaven. The divider between this and the present section was a row of blank newspapers on the floor, and I think these were put here to show that it was the future section (as the newspapers haven't been written yet) and maybe to imply that the person who died was important or famous (as their death was in the newspaper). In the middle of the room was the present section. In this section the main theme was time. There were pictures of melting clocks stuck to the walls, on the floor and there was clock with no hands chalked on the floor. There was also a working clock placed on the floor. ...read more.


or a journey from past to present. The past section was heavily based on the theme of childhood. There was video of babies in the womb and children, a hopscotch drawn on the floor and a baby doll sat in a basket with storybooks around it. I think this could be the story of this person growing up and getting older, which I think could symbolise a change in appearance. However the mirror could have another meaning such as this person reflecting on the past, and what has happened previously. Another large railway card was placed in this section, but this one reading "Destination: to meet my first born" This could be a theme on pregnancy, symbolising that it is a journey and that the birth of a child is the end. Other objects in this section include newspapers stuck to the wall, telling of crimes and rapes. This could be to symbolise again that ...read more.

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