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Drama - Preparation, Performance And Appraisal Notes: Blood Brothers.

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Drama - Preparation, Performance And Appraisal Notes. Blood Brothers. Preparation. For our drama production on open day we preformed four scenes from "Blood Brothers" by Willy Russell. Firstly we discussed which scenes we would like do to and why. We eventually decided to act out the opening scenes of the play so that our audience could really get a feel for what the play was about and get to know the characters better as they would only be able to get a sample of the character. We then cut some of the lines and scenes that we didn't think would be necessary for the message that we where trying to get across. Our main aim was get across the extreme difference in class and personality between Mrs. Lyons and Mrs. J, and to show how the Narrator shapes and controls everything that is going on within the play and also to add a sinister atmosphere to things. After we had picked our scenes we tried to decide which characters we should play. Originally Rachel was going to play the part of Mrs. J but she was also very keen to play Mrs. Lyons as she had never played a role like it and I was equally keen to play the Narrator as I had never played that role either, and Eve was more than happy to play the part of Mrs. ...read more.


We also wanted to get across a feeling of superstition and that perhaps some of these events happened because of superstition, this is presented through the use of the narrator talking of superstition when Mrs. Lyons places shoes on the table. For our stage design we decided against using a lot of props, instead we thought it would be a better idea to have a symbolic performance so we mainly used plain black blocks as they can be manipulated into nearly anything you want them to be, however we did try with our costumes, as we wanted to show clearly the difference between Mrs. Lyons and Mrs. J. Performance. The narrator starts the play of by telling a story of two brothers who where born on the selfsame day, he is of course speaking of the blood brothers. In the opening speech the narrator address the audience and then invites them to watch the mother. Mrs. J then enters singing and dancing with a mop, the purpose of this was that in the song Mrs. J tells the story of how she has ended up where she is, at the beginning of the song we think that Mrs. J is a happy person with a good life but by the end of the song we realise that she has a ...read more.


Lyons wants nothing to do with Mrs. J anymore as she is very dimissive of her at the end of the scene when she talks about going to do the shopping, all Mrs. Lyons wants is for everyone to see that she is "pregnant" and she does not care about Mrs. J. I think Rachel got this across excellently by looking at herself in the mirror and having her back turned to Mrs. J. Appraisal. Whenever we preformed our play we did it in front of an audience at our open day so we where unable to be appraised until we got back to school the next Monday. We preformed it once again in front of our drama class and our teacher then asked us a series of questions about our characters and what we intended to do with the play. She stopped us at certain parts of the performance and asked us how we where feeling at that time or the emotions we where trying to convey. In the beginning this caught me off guard slightly and I don't think I answered my first questions very well but once I understood what was going on I think I answered most of my questions suitably. When asked about my strategies and rehearsal techniques I answered with full and substantial answers. Overall I was very happy with my performance and appraisal. Nycki McCappin 12'3 ...read more.

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