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Drama Responding

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Coursework - Paper One - Unit One 'No Idea' is an American poem written in 2007 by an anonymous author. It tells of a girl named Roberta and how she has sadly taken her own life. It provides little if any background information of why she has resorted to this extremity. It is only seven lines long and separated into two stanzas and provides and could provide open-ended approach when used as a stimulus for a piece of drama. The second piece of stimulus 'Ant's Speech' is a monologue take from the play 'My England' which was written in 1997. It tells the story of a racial encounter between two different cultured children which leads to a fight. Ant, the white boy comes off worse however appears to be showing off his injuries to his Mum and Dad as if they should be proud of him but they both seem displeased with his antics for two different reasons. We only hear Ant's side of the story so there is still a considerable amount of information that we don't know. My initial thoughts to the first stimulus, 'No Idea' were anger at the bullies who forced Roberta to feel like she had to take her own life however a certain degree of anger is shared with Roberta for killing herself as there are many other options she could have considered than such a drastic action. ...read more.


It would be good to perform as a solo actor, as a pair or even a group which offers versatility as well. On the other hand, it is quite open-ended and contain little more than the basic information so for some people it could prove quite a challenging piece to dramatize due to the fact that it may be hard to focus in on certain events contained within the actual poem itself but this may favor some actors. It may also be a difficult piece to use as a piece of drama due to the nature of the poem being about suicide and if someone knows of friends or family or even their selves that have been suicidal it may be an emotional piece to use and may offend a small portion of people. Ant's speech again like 'No Idea' may be both a good or bad piece of stimulus to base a drama performance on only this time because it contains a lot of information so requires less imagination to fill in the gaps which may favor some peoples style of drama. We also know nothing about Wassim who Ant gets into trouble with other than the fact that he is of Asian origin so people who prefer to make their own ideas by filling in missing information could favor this as that could prove to be a significant part of the final piece. ...read more.


Along with the date written being a major difference the country written in is also a vital point. Americans are known for being very 'over the top' so to some people Americans resorting to suicide may not seem as big as an issue. The fact about racism in each country also plays a big role, Americans are probably more tolerant with different races than English, in America there are lots of people with different ethnic backgrounds living in together and different races are generally more tolerant towards one-another. Both are very inspirational in the types of drama they inspire and both have several element which will remain the same in both. They both feature one predominant character in which we are more than likely intended to focus in on; Ant and Roberta. In accompaniment with each of these they both have an almost open ended amount of family and friends to explore due to the nature of them both being based around school children, the actors could explore two sides of the story in each, family and friends/schoolmates. If I had to chose one I preferred most I would choose 'Ant's Speech' I believe it suits my style of acting well and I personally feel it would be better drama wise and enjoyment. It is also a versatile piece. With two sides to explore and lots of room to use imagination to create ideas for Wassim and his friends it would definitely be the one I would favor. ?? ?? ?? ?? Sam Watts Page 1 ...read more.

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