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Drama Response Piece

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Thought Tracking Thought tracking is when other people speak aloud the thoughts of a character/role and show the different opinions and choices that character has to make. Sophie and I did thought tracking for the role of Moth and Maudie, I was Moth and she was Maudie. I had to choose the most significant part of the script and stop when I got there to do a monologue of the characters thoughts. The most important point in the play for Moth is when Maudie says 'I hold all the cards' because he is thinking that she needs him more than he needs her because he can find any old broad with more money and I had to portray this in the monologue. Sophie and I both chose the same point in which we should stop instead of doing monologues at different times in the script. This is because that moment was important for both of the characters; for Maudie it was important because she was finally giving Moth a sort of unsaid ultimatum and telling him that she's the one whose in control of their relationship; for Moth it is important because he realizes ...read more.


I think it was helpful because we got to show the internal struggle of the character and the pros and cons and neutral opinions and how people in the real world might make decisions, but without three other people telling you what to do. Collective voice is a good idea to get into a role and figure out how the character functions. Sophie played Maudie so she didn't have to think of any opinions to say, but at the end of play she improvised and decided to go with Sam's positive voice and stay with Moth which is what basically happened in the play. Collective voice showed people teamwork and compromise and how to focus on one particular character and their collective voice. Conscience Alley Conscience alley is when you choose a play like 'Two' and involve the whole class. The teacher makes everyone line up on different sides of the room to form an alleyway and then someone in the role of a character, in my case Maudie, and the people in the line have to speak or shout their opinion of what the character should do about their predicament. ...read more.


Role play of those two specific characters was fun because it helped us understand that they are just and old married couple who have a relationship that is under stress because they live and work together. It was also fun to do those characters because the whole play is also set in their pub, so it gives us a better and more in depth view of how the pub is run, what mood it is in there, and who their customers are. I think the Landlord was a proud man or he was supposed to come off that way because he wanted to be seen as the man of the household and didn't want his wife embarrassing him in front of paying customers and he also liked to make lots of really bad jokes, but I think people laughed out of respect. Those two characters had a healthy relationship because it's okay to be angry and stressed once in a while and at the end of that scene he had the last word about her going to pick up the glasses. Role play was helpful because it gave mew an insight into how to run a pub and how to deal with different people and their needs at the same time. ...read more.

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