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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: Drama
  • Word count: 3939

Drama script - Doctor Who - The Lady and the Locket

Extracts from this document...


´╗┐Doctor Who - The Lady and the Locket Cast: The Doctor ? Joe Powell Amy Pond ? Alex Swallow Rory Williams ? Ed Pocock Dana ? Lydia Dominguez/Lucy Thomas Bounty hunter ? Ryan Kirk Maxis ? Matt Clark General Talok ? Joe Powell (voice) Plot: Team TARDIS arrive at a small village on Earth in response to a distress call, but there is a surprise in store for the Doctor and with a bounty hunter after the new arrival, the job of keeping her safe is going to be trickier that anticipated. Script The scene opens in space, and a damaged spacecraft hurtles towards Earth. On the TARDIS, the Doctor, Amy and Rory are talking. Doctor: One of these days I?ll take you two to the sixth moon of B-zazz, it?s got upside down mountains that glow in the dark and every inhabitant is lactose intolerant but they?re okay about that. Amy: What?s wrong with the other five? Doctor: the first three are at war with each other, the fourth is lodged in the planet itself and the fifth is a massive black market with lots of guns. Not exactly pleasant so number six it is! The Doctor stops suddenly and closes his eyes. Amy: Doctor? Rory: Are you okay? Inside his head, the Doctor hears the voice of a distressed alien. He suddenly opens his eyes and starts flicking switches. Doctor: Sorry kids, B-zazz will have to wait! Amy: What?s happened? Doctor: Psychic distress call, locking on to signal, crash trajectory puts it on a course for Earth! Hold on, the Doctor?s on the way! Credits The scene changes pace as Dana runs through the woods, pursued by a bounty hunter. The pursuit continues until the bounty hunter stops, raises his pistol, and fires. Dana cries out in pain and rolls limply down an embankment before coming to a rest at the bottom. ...read more.


They both smile. Dana: So what?s your story then? How did you escape? Did you blast your way through hordes of Daleks and save the girl of your dreams? Doctor: I ran. Dana: You ran? Bit of an anticlimax. Doctor: I?m not a fighter, Dana, I?m the Doctor ? if I was a fighter I would have a different name ? like The Lord of Ultimate Death and Killing-ness. I ran because in the dying days of the war it became hell. The battlefield was never my place and then when chaos descended I knew I had to run and I could never look back. Dana: (sympathetically) I?m sorry. Doctor: What would you have done in my position? Dana smiles weakly. Dana: The same thing. Suddenly a high pitched whining causes the Doctor to collapse on the floor. Dana rushes to his side and Rory runs back in. Dana: Doctor! Maxis: (voice) this is a message to the Time Lord known as ?the Doctor?. My name is Maxis. I have your companion hostage, the one known as Amelia Pond. For now she is safe, but if you do not meet my demands she will be destroyed. Rory: Doctor, what is it? Doctor: (in pain) ?inside?my head?! Maxis: I know you are with Dana, the Time Lady. She is very valuable to me, and I would like her returned. You will meet me at the location I am planting in your head, with Dana, unarmed, and I will return Amelia to you. Failure to meet my demands will result in her death. Amelia has proven very useful with her information, and I am sure you will not disappoint me, Doctor. Doctor: why?do you want?her, Maxis? Maxis: Is it not so obvious to you, my dear Doctor? I want her uniqueness. Doctor: what do you mean?? The telepathic message ends and the Doctor slumps weakly and Dana catches him and helps him up. The Doctor staggers away, distraught and vulnerable. Dana: It was him, wasn?t it? ...read more.


Will I ever see you again? Doctor: I?m sure our paths will cross again, Dana, don?t worry about that. I can turn up anywhere, anytime. Just psyche me and I?ll be here. Dana: What will you do now? Doctor: I?ll be off travelling again, with these two, seeing the stars. Dana: I see?do you ever get tired of it? Doctor: What do you mean? Dana: Would you ever want to settle down, take a break from travelling? Live a normal life? Doctor: That depends on how you define ?normal?. And even if I wanted to I couldn?t; trouble has an uncanny knack for finding me. Too many innocent people get hurt when I?m around; people I don?t know, people who don?t know me. Dana: Well, if you ever change your mind and trouble leaves you alone, you?re always welcome here, fellow Time Lord. Dana hugs him for a few seconds, before the Doctor turns and heads back into the TARDIS. Dana suddenly remembers something and calls his name. The Doctor turns around. Dana fumbles for his sonic screwdriver. Dana: I think you?ll be needing this. The Doctor smiles, takes the sonic screwdriver, and departs, leaving Dana in her new home. The scene changes to the TARDIS. The Doctor fiddles in his coat pocket and brings out Dana?s locket. Smiling, he replaces it. Doctor: Now, where were we? Amy: B-zazz! Doctor: Oh yes, the sixth moon in fact. Rory: Is the entire populace seriously lactose-intolerant? Doctor: Raxicoricofallapatorians explode on contact with vinegar, trust me, I?m like the Hitchhiker?s Guide to the Galaxy, minus the ?DON?T PANIC? instruction on the back. Amy: Doctor? Do you think there are other Time Lords out there who survived the war? I know about House and the junkyard and stuff but perhaps there are others out there like you two? Doctor: It?s hard to say, us Time Lords have a habit of disappearing easily, and to be honest I?m pretty sure that most of them died, but anything?s possible, Amy. It?s a mad universe we live in. The TARDIS flies off on another adventure. End Credits. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Personal Performances section.

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