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Drama Stimulus - a different state of mind such as depression and mental illnesses

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´╗┐Nalin Dissanayake :7023 ?A different state of mind? Oasis Academy Coulsdon 14377 We was learning about different states of mid such as depression, mental illnesses and things that could lead up to different states of mind how it could affect a person and how it was dealt with throughout history. I?m going to talk about the lesson in which we based around ?society ?and ?the accident?. In the lesson on ?Society? we had to incorporate a still image and a small monologue that showed our thoughts on the current event, in our group we decided that a patient who has just been let out of a mental hospital, the characters involved: a doctor, a taxi driver, a care worker and a security guard. For our first image we had the patient leaving the hospital for the first time under a lot of observation by two professional people, the patient herself was incredibly nervous and scared and refused to get into the taxi? we showed this by having the care worker was trying to encourage the patient in by holding her hand out and the patient had her body leaning away from the taxi and facial expressions were tense and was disturbed. I was the doctor examining the situation, to show I was a doctor I mimed holding a clipboard and a pen taking notes, in my monologue I talked about re-thinking my choice in letting the patient out of the hospital. ...read more.


We resumed with the patent running away and finished it off with the dad saying ?is that the one you want son?? .That last line was used as a clue to give the audience and idea that started off this event and to indicate how fragile schizophrenic people are. What went well for us is that we created a good performance that was understood well by the audience, even though we use very little dialogue. In the lesson based on Victorian institutions we started it off by looking at an extracted image from ?One flew over the Cuckoo?s nest?. We discussed what was happening in the image, of a man being dragged by two people in a hospital, he had a wide open mouth; it made it look like he was laughing. Only using the picture we as a class contributed ideas that suggested this man was a mental patient who was oblivious of his current situation, we also thought that he was almost happy that he was being taken into a mental hospital; as he can be safe in there. We also suggested that the two men taking the patient was ?doing their day job? they didn?t seem very interested in the patient; it?s just a usual case for them. In the same lesson we considered the type of people that were put into Victorian mental asylum. ...read more.


My character feels no self-esteem, he feels anger and thinks about revenge everyday as he was stabbed in the back and had nowhere to go. To begin my monologue I used the effect of space to show my instability, but keeping my body tight and closed and sitting in a chair, in the corner of the room. To show that I was scared I kept turning my head to look around for things and behind me, even though there was a wall there, I felt this showed the audience my insecurity and the anxiety inside me. I gradually increased my speed of my voice as I?m trying to build tension as to when I explode into madness, when that happened I was shouting with anger. I jumped out of my chair taking my anger out on it, my facial expression showed my anger, my eyebrows were narrowed and eyes were sharpened, I look as if it was about to start a fight. Then I came to talk about my life within the asylum and my voice quickly changed from hard and angry to a low and frustrated tone like I was giving up on the world, as I got into detail my voice became softer and more scared. I was missing out words as if I was being watched from behind. I felt as if I portrayed this character extremely well. ...read more.

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