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´╗┐Niclas Ankarcrona Comparative Essay As an entry to grade 10, we will be expected to write a comparative essay between three different versions of Romeo and Juliet?s balcony scene, from the three different film versions. In Franco Zeffirellis version of Romeo and Juliette, the balcony scene is set in a medieval environment. The old looking costumes and buildings indicate this. Different from all the other scenes, the director of this film has chosen to build up the tense feeling between the two amorous young adults by first making Romeo unseen and unheard to his loving Juliette who is positioned high up on the balcony. In the West side story the balcony scene is completely different from both of the other film. It is in this version set in a modern time. Surrounded by staircases and brick walls the two loving ones meet sing. Unlike the two other scenes, this version does not reflect that the two ?sides? have a wealthy past, due to that they meet not in a castle or in a mansion but in a alley. This gives a good understanding to their love. In the way that money doesn?t matter, and that they will meet anywhere at any time in order to see each other. ...read more.


He doesn?t quite belong in this setting and this is clearly shown when the two are standing next to each other. Her costume melts in with the warm colours, that make up the surroundings and his cold coloured clothes gives the obvious feeling of him being an intruder and that he is trespassing. In the Westside story on the other hand, Juliette is shown to us as a young independent woman who wants nothing else than to be able to do whatever she wants. Her feminine role is extremely well shown to us as an audience by her fine beauty, her white dress which gives us the feeling of her being an angel and also her voice which when she sings gives us the feeling that she really is an angle. Her outfit clearly shows us that unlike Juliette in Franco Zeffirellis version, she is not wealthy and does not wear a golden dress to bed. Romeo is in this version a tall brown- haired guy. He has a deep and steady voice, which almost sounds mechanical. His voice along with his body structure reflects the masculine role that he is playing. ...read more.


In all the versions, this happens in each and every one. The use of light in characters eyes is a common way of expressing a certain mood and is a widely used method throughout movie- makers. In the first scene the close space between the two creates a feeling of helplessness as Romeo can see and hear his dear Juliette but he dares not speak to her. The tense feeling continues to build as Romeo comes closer and closer to his dear Juliette. This moment is very ironic in all the versions, the beautiful loving feeling combined with the fact that this girl who Romeo loves, the one he is about to speak to, will later become the reason for both of their deaths. The couple is drawn closer and closer to each other as the scene and the intense feeling builds rapidly. In Franco Zeffirellis version and Romeo and Juliette made year 1996, when he finally does open his mouth to speak, Juliette is awfully surprised and appears scared as she realizes that he has been listening to her love speech to him. Romeo quickly lets her know that he shares all the same feeling of love for her as well. In the version made 1996 it is at this moment when Romeo starts speaking that they both fall into the water (pool). The light that the pool creates ...read more.

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