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Dramatic dialogue on Eating disorders.

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Eating disorders On stage are a table, 4 chairs, 2music stands, pack lunches on table with one large litre bottle of coke or fanta. Six girls walk onto stage, two girls to music stands and four to chairs. Four girls sat in audience (narrators at either end of stage, frozen). Narrator 1: Hello and welcome to 11 WM's form assembly. We are here today to show you the dangers of eating disorders and the way that our diet affects us. Narrator 2:All our casts are in our form and have been selected from a hat. We did this because it would be unfair to stereotype people and select them from how they look Kay: I'm not eating that, I'll get fatter than what I already am. Simone: Why will you? Your like a rake. I'm the fat one. Kay: If I eat anymore I'll burst. Melissa: What are you trying to do disappear? And your not fat either of you. Kay: Look my bum's well big- it's nearly as big as Mr Blobby's. Jade: Your daft you know it's like well dangerous not to eat right, you could kill yourself you know. ...read more.


Person 3: Yeah she's always talking about eating healthy and she daren't eat anything with a bit of fat in and she acts right weird all the time. People in audience freeze or sit facing stage, and girls on stage begin. Melissa: I'll eat your lunch then, that's my favourite. Kay: Here have it. Kay pushes lunch towards Melissa. Simone: How can you eat that much, after we have just been talking about being fat and stuff. Melissa: Yeah but I'm starving. Jade: Oh my god. Did you not have enough with your own lunch. You had like a bounty, dairy milk and two bags of crisps. Kay: You'll get as fat as me. Simone: And if that weren't enough you had a full litre of coke to yourself. Melissa: I'm miles fatter than you. Simone: Oh give over with it. You're well daft. Melissa: I'm still hungry-well kind of hungry- you lead a 'normal' life I get bullied all the time. It isn't nice you know being the victim all the time because I'm fatter than all you lot. ...read more.


Person 4: Obesity is not a simple condition of eating too much. It is now recognised that obesity is a serious, chronic disease. Person 3: I heard on the TV that people who have this kind of disorder don't make them selves sick like people with bulimia do. Person 1: I think she eats loads because she gets bullied I mean she really has a lot to cope with all those names and stuff. People then freeze in audience and girls start to act Simone: I won't be a second I'm just going to the toilet don't leave without me my bags under the table Simone then walks off stage to be sick Melissa: ok then we won't. don't be long though Jade: I hope she ain't going to do what I caught her doing last week Kay: What, what tell us please Jade: No I promised not to unless I found it again- sorry Girls sit in silence waiting for the return of Simone she then arrives back Melissa: I can smell sick! Where has it come from Jade: I can't believe you have you done it again? Kay: Has she done what? Jade: Making herself sick after food that's what Girls freeze looking at Simone with look of disgust on their faces 1 ...read more.

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