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During our discussion about how 'blood is thicker than water', we all participated in an exercise that involved role-play to explore the phrase. A boy was placed in the middle of the room

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25th January 2006 Drama - Draft 'Cold Blood' Coursework * What did you discover about 'blood bonds' during the Value Consortium? * How did thought tracking help you explore different types of bonds? * During Cold Blood, how did the idea of the divide and bonds play an important part in the role-play? * What explorative strategies did you use? How did they develop your understanding? During the Value Consortium, I discovered from the subject of 'blood bonds' that in my opinion, blood is thicker than water. The way that I gained this opinion was by a discussion that the whole class had about what we thought about the phrase 'blood is thicker than water'. 'Blood is thicker than water' simply means that families are more important than friends. The discussion began by a piece of paper being placed on the floor with the phrase on it. ...read more.


We were asked to explore what we thought about family members as opposed to friends. We were put in the situation of a friend against a family member in a fight, who would you defend? The person who you have spent your entire life living side by side with every day, or your best friend that shares all the same interests as you and is more or less seen by you as a brother. There were many different answers and suggestions thrown into the discussion, but the main answer was to defend your family because you can always find another friend! Maybe not as great as the one you had, but family is there forever supporting you, right? The way that I discovered that I actually had an opinion on why 'blood is thicker than water' is by holding this value consortium. By listening to the arguments of other people in the class, I was able to defend my opinion and show what I really thought. ...read more.


Another member of the class then thought tracked the boy to get his opinions on each person he had placed around him. This helped to explore the bonds that he had with each character. We learnt from the people who played the boy that he also thought that his family members were more important than friends. The thought tracking helped explore the bonds between the characters because you got o know the history behind the relationship of the characters and you get to know why they placed the certain character where they did. During the Cold Blood scene, the idea of a divide certainly played a very important role in the role play exercise. Just by knowing that the divide was there had a huge impact on the way that you communicated with the other side. The bonds that you had with them became filled with anger and hatred because of the reason of the divide. You found yourself hating your friends from he opposite side of the island, and protecting your family from their invasions into your life. ...read more.

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