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Essay Cloudstreet Narrative P.O.V.

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Essay - Cloudstreet - Narrative P.O.V. Jessica Wilkey The right choice of point of view for a story is crucial, as it is essentially the voice that tells the story. In Tim Winton's Cloudstreet it is Fish who tells the story in the first person, with third person omniscient qualities. This point of view gives the reader the realism and intimacy or first person while still allowing an insight into the views and experiences of the other characters in the novel. This point of view contributes in developing the main themes and messages of the text, particularly those of "stickability" and the importance of family. Cloudstreet is a story set in Western Australia about two rural families who come from separate tragedies to live together in one rambling, "great continent of a house" in urban Subiaco. ...read more.


The proof of this message is seen in the union of the Pickles and the Lambs through the birth of Wax Harry and through Rose's longing to return to Cloudstreet. Fish also narrates the text as the omniscient "drowned Fish", or the Fish who stayed behind in the water, and who has yet to become whole. Thus, he has access to all the places, times and characters of the text, allowing the reader to follow the stories of all of the characters and gain access to their innermost feelings. This emphasis on the spiritual, through the narration of the drowned Fish, portrays Winton's message that we are each unique and individual. However, as Fish views the characters' stories as part of one whole story, with family centralised, the reader is positioned to do the same. ...read more.


Although he does not recognise Oriel, he still loves her. His symbiotic relationship with Quick demonstrates the spiritual notions of the text. Because of these things, it is through the physical half of Fish that the notion of "stickability" is possibly most strongly demonstrated. The 'trinity' of each aspect of Fish's narration also suggests the strong spiritual, Christian values of the text, such as "stickability". First person point of view generally has the disadvantage of limiting the story to the ideas of one character and therefore limiting the events that the character can 'see' or experience. However, the unique point of view, that of first person omniscient, at its closest description, in Cloudstreet reveals much about the 'story' and about the thoughts and views of each of the characters. In turn, contributing to the impact of the messages Winton attempts to impose on the reader, specifically that of "stickability" and the strength and importance of family in a person's life. ...read more.

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