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Evaluate the play we watched "Life Journeys".

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Unit 2 GCSE Drama Coursework I am going to evaluate the play we watched "Life Journeys". All the people who were depicted in this play seemed to be victims of different things: Victims of other people and victims of them selves. Every story within the play had a different theme, to show how different people can be victimised by different things; such as physical bullying, and a victim of the latest fashions. Also in this play was the theme of journeys, and how different people can become connected by them. The structure was unusual as all the stories linked into each other. This made you have to really concentrate on the characters and the action as the story kept jumping backwards and forwards in time. The way the stories were linked made the plot more interesting to follow than just story after story. It made you think how everyone's lives are interlocked, and for everyone who is part you're life, even for just a second, you are part of theirs. ...read more.


The blocks were used throughout, not just to create the taxi, but to create levels whilst thought tracking was going on, for instance in the scene with the model I have already mentioned. There were several instances of different voices being used. Like in the pub where there was a seemingly constantly angry person who just spoke very loud all the time, not always with a lot of intelligence, and another boy who was very shy and quite nervous as he had a stutter, due to the voices in his head. The actress who played the former bullying victim and child with an alcoholic mother impressed me quite a bit. Both parts would be very difficult to play, as they are both difficult and emotionally harsh subjects. I know this as I have played a child in a previous play who was being abused. She conveyed the parts very believably with seemingly real emotion. The example that springs to mind of dramatic contrast between sound and silence is during a scene with a taxi driver and his passenger. ...read more.


This scene shows a bully and her victim re-united 20 years later, and they end up being very good friends as the bully herself is now a victim of abuse from her husband, another social issue. The main historical link came at the end with the September 11th tragedy, when the wife of an adulterer gets onto the plane that flew into the twin towers. This issue was a shock at the end when you realised what was going to happen to Jenny, and it gave the play a fixed ending. Cultural issues were seen in the episode involving the Iraqi student facing Military service in Iraq. And culture is also seen in the model scene, to show how fickle people are in today's western culture. This play had an impact on me, because it made me think about life, and how fragile it can be, and that no matter how different people are they can all still have common ground somewhere. The structure of the play was very well planned, and the way it was performed showed that you don't have to have enormous expensive sets to get a message across. Alice Heggie 11e ...read more.

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