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evaluation of a groups work

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I will be evaluating two groups' still images, on the subject of fame. The first group I have chosen is Matt, Sally, Elena and Naomi's group. I liked there still images as I thought they used a good range of levels and had good spatial awareness. For their first still image they had a celebrity in the centre, two people trying to reach over and get autographs, and another person on the floor on her knees, taking pictures of the celebrity. I think this was a good image as it showed the after fame pictures. I liked the fact that Elena playing the celebrity, was in the centre and was the one standing up right, as two people were leant over, trying to get autographs, and the other person was on the floor taking a picture. ...read more.


It represented a lifestyle of sex, drugs and fame. In one corner there was two people hugging, in the centre there was a person laying on the floor, and to the other side and slightly to the back was a person reading a newspaper story, of the things going on around her. I think the people were positioned carefully and the levels were also varied. However I think this still image could have been improved slighty, by bringing the person reading the story forwards, so that what she is reading is going on behind her. This would make it clearer that she is reading these things about sex and drugs. The second group I have chosen is Lucy, Laura, Beth and Bens' group. ...read more.


This is an after fame still image, and in my opinion shows that the celebrity, is maybe not ready for fame and is very new in this society. The second still image shows a pro fame image. There is 4 girls in a row striking a pose, it seems like this is a photo from just before they become famous. These two images show contrast, as the first image shows someone who is in the lime light but maybe is not to keen to be, and the second image is the complete opposite with a girl band posing for the camera lapping up all the limelight and absorbing their first few seconds of fame, thinking that they are going to get all the fame and glory. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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