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Evaluation of improvisation based on ‘The Bald Prima Donna’ – Ionescu

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Evaluation of improvisation based on 'The Bald Prima Donna' - Ionescu We have been looking at a rather strange and confusing play called 'The Bald Prima Donna'. We have done a lot of work based on this piece of text. One of the improvisations we performed was based on a part in the play where they are gossiping about Bobby. Clare, Natalie and I performed this piece while we were in an office gossiping and giggling about other workers. We made it quite stereotypical as we stopped working as soon as the boss left and started filing our nails and we put our feet on the desk. We spoke in a really common accent and giggled really loudly to emphasise the gossiping. We were trying to impress each other by having the best news about somebody else. Another improvisation we did was where we were married and did a repeated routine everyday and had ritualised conversations with one another. ...read more.


One of our performances was related to this where two couples had a lot of awkward silences. I showed that I was quite bored and trying to pass time by tapping and looking around a lot. We came up with some silly stories to discuss like somebody putting on a hat. We all acted enthusiastically about this story and repeated words like 'great'. The hardest improvisation was one where none of us communicated with each other. I was in a group of three. Clare was the mother, Natalie was the teenage daughter and I was the father. There were many secrets that were kept from each of the family members and were revealed during this five-minute piece. We tried to make this piece quite dramatic as we shouted quite a lot and acted upset. One of the secrets was the husband and wife splitting up we showed this by having big arguments when the daughter wasn't there. ...read more.


The final piece that we did was where we were in a normal behaviour in a conventional situation, then breaking the rules. In my group the adults turned into children and vice versa. I was an adult I showed this by walking straight and talking in a slightly deeper voice. We talk to each other about the news and drank cups of tea like adults. There was then an argument and the adults went off stage, when we return we are acting very childishly by fighting over toys and running around a lot. I show that I am a child by talking in a higher voice and acting clumsy. The children gradually become more grown up and start smoking and checking the stock market. The Grandmother then takes away the children and we a tantrum. This piece relates to the all of 'The Bald Prima Donna' because nothing in this play is what it seems and is all very strange. Harpreet Sekhon 11.1 ...read more.

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