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Evaluation of Naturalistic Improvisation.

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GCSE Drama: Evaluation of Naturalistic Improvisation My group consisted of four characters: * Me * Roxana * Vaishali, and * David In our Drama lessons over the past few weeks, we have been working on a style of drama called Naturalism. Naturalism is a style of drama, which accurately recreates the details of real life on stage. It attempts to make events/situations as realistic as possible, including the characters. We were made to create and rehearse a naturalistic improvisation and present it to the whole class. Firstly, we thought of a setting that we could act as realistically as possible. We didn't think of a plot. I.e. a classroom or a family round the dinner table etc. We then went off and thought about our own individual characters, then shared out ideas with the rest of the group. ...read more.


The objective means what the actor's aim is by the end of the scene or play. This is what they want to achieve. The objective of my character was to get some piece and quiet. Ashe was in detention, despite her refusal, with a miserable and boring teacher (David), her friend (Roxana), and an "annoying new girl!" (Vaishali). Vaishali wouldn't stop talking however much Nicola (my character) tried to stop her. My characters action started off as being very subtle. At the opening scene she was moving her head and foot to the beat of her music whilst playing with her nails. This made an affect as when Vaishali came in, Nicola suddenly became motionless as she stared at Vaishali. Apart from moving around a lot, the end of the piece involved Nicola looking in a mirror doing her make-up and hair. ...read more.


I thought our piece of naturalism went quite well and I feel that I played my character quite natural and realistic as possible. There were only a few improvements that I think we could of made. They are: 1. David's character could have been shown and introduced to the audience a bit more. I.e. he could have been included into our scenes more often. 2. Roxanas characters and mine could have been a bit more different, as we appeared practically the same. For example, we could have same characteristics but have completely different opinions that make us argue a lot. This could of happened on stage. 3. All of our characters could have been studied and explored in a great detail. We could of all found people to base our characters on, and either study them or ask them about themselves. I slightly id this but not to a great extent. I think this way; our characters would have been more natural, more real and more pure. By Nicola Bellerby 10H ...read more.

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