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Evaluation - Personal Performance

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GCSE Drama 1699 - Paper 1 Unit 1 Portfolio A01 = 'EVALUATION' Evaluation of My Group Our improvisation was set on a cruise ship on Christmas Eve. It showed the contrast between the mother, who was a cabaret performer, and her teenage son, who was forced to live on the ship with her. It showed how the teenager thought that he was better than everyone around him although the adults didn't seem to think so. It also showed the troubles in relationships between mothers and their teenager children through how the mother had a sleazy reputation with lots of different men and how the son had to cope with it. Amongst this problem he had to cope with the normal teenage complications such as girls. This life through a teenager's eyes was made in the hope to make you laugh and feel for the son. It was told by the teenage boy, who was a narrator and in the scene, which he read from his diary. Natalie played the Narrator/Festus who was an intelligent, sarcastic and quick witted teenage boy who was not particularly good looking and was always competing against the adults who he thought so little of. ...read more.


I thought it was very well acted and performed and the elements of drama: characterisation and contrast were used very effectively and helped make it a comedy by how the characters were played so differently to each other. Our explorative strategy of narration worked terrifically as it really helped tell the story to the audience. However, I think there should have been more of a story behind it and we could have made the plot a lot more developed as it didn't seem to have a beginning and an ending to it. Evaluation of Another Group The group who called their work "Come Home" was based on a care home that had decided a boy in their care was ready to be fostered. He didn't like it in his foster home and so he escaped back to his care home, but in a tragic turn of events his own foster mother runs him over while he runs back home. James is a teenager who has been in care for most of his life and now has been sent to live with his new foster mother. He is very temperamental, but he's a good kid at heart. Kate is James' foster mother that tries her best to help James, but fails in James' eyes. ...read more.


An area I feel that should be improved on was the drama medium of levels, which was used well but could be improved as I feel that this could have made the scene more eye catching and could have expressed the relationship of James and his different homes a lot better. I would have made the scene with his foster mother longer to explain why he disliked her so much because his hate seemed a little unexplained and unreasonable. They used explorative strategies to great effect, for example thought tracking (by Ben voicing his thoughts as he was in his new home) helped present the scene extremely well as it helped clarify the actions in the scenes and made the audience relate and sympathise with the characters more. The drama medium of sound (by the children in the old home) accompanied the scene excellently, by adding to the scene rather than distracting from what the actors were presenting. Contrast, a drama medium (by comparing the new and old homes), made the scene more striking and interesting and made the improvisation, as a whole, better presented. Overall, I thought it was very funny and at times quite sad, making it quite a touching piece of work. I thought they worked really hard on this piece and it really showed as it was well rehearsed and excellently performed ...read more.

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