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Evaluative phase

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Evaluative phase Context: we have studying domestic violence we hade three different stimulus a story called Silent Suffering Anna's story, a song called behind the wall by Tracy Chapman and the song Luka by Suzanna Vega both Anna's story and Luka are from the person who is being abused where as in Behind the Wall it is a neighbour who can hear all the violence and does not no what to do I think these stimulus where all very emotional but all in different ways. These texts all make me feel sympathetic and sad as they are all emotional texts but they all do this in different ways such as in Silent Suffering the text makes you as a reader feel sorry for Anna but you feel sorry for the children as well when there dad leaves because they don't understand why he is leavening. I don't just feel sorry for Anna because she is being hit I also feel sorry for this person because she is blamed for everything she is blamed for him leavening she is blamed for the beating she gets and I think she must also feel really old as well and worn down because she is being left for a younger women. ...read more.


What I have learnt from activity in lessons how to are look at the views of different people in the texts such as we looked at Louise John's girlfriend in the story and see how she felt about the whole situation by hot seating and what she thinks about Anna and John. In Behind the Wall we looked at the actual abuser in a whole group role play when he killed his wife. With Luka we looked at the parents and how it may be the dad forcing the mum to hit him and how the parents treated Luka and we all so looked at the teacher and how he knew there was something wrong but he could not do anything unless he tells him. Doing this makes sure we get the underline story and not just the basic of it by this I mean not looking at the same characters getting another side of a story. The similarities of theses three stimulus are their are all about domestic and in different ways they all tell you how the different people feel and in all of the stimulus there is another character such as in behind ...read more.


This really shows in society its all about the looks. In behind the wall it shows how reluctant to interfere in other peoples lives even if they want to even if they know there in trouble. Lukas historical and social content is different which the teacher wanting to keep a professional distance so his image in the same like he trys not to act to caring about him . I have learnt that it is hard to help domestic violence victim unless they tell some one. I have all so learnt it can happen to anyone anywhere and even if you are rich or even if you are poor I do not matter it can happen to anyone and it can really effect you family not just the person who are being abused. My opinion has not change at all because I think this is a very sad subject and people still need help I do understand that it is very hard to help if they do not tell anyone but I feel it is possible. Conclusion: I feel I have learnt a lot about this subject I have learnt to look deeper in to the story and that things are not as every thing seems with in families. By Colette west ...read more.

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