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Examine a scene from Macbeth both film and text versions. Comment on how well you think the cast conveyed the subject matter and write down how you would direct the scene if given the chance.

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Examine a scene from Macbeth both film and text versions. Comment on how well you think the cast conveyed the subject matter and write down how you would direct the scene if given the chance. English Language Coursework Name: Ryan O'Hare Class: S2D No. Of words: 1766 Date of submission: 9th of February 2004 Macbeth coursework assignment Before we deal with the question of Macbeth we must first ask, what is drama? The dictionary states that it is, "Serious plays for theatre, television or radio; writing, producing or acting in plays." Drama originated in Rome during Caesar's rule. It has now since evolved dramatically from the small plays in the Caesarean arenas to the multi billion pound franchise spanning the whole world. It has got so popular that drama is taken for granted and has become an ordinary thing in our daily lives. One of the most dramatically influential people to date is William Shakespeare. Shakespeare was born to Mary Arden & John Shakespeare in April of 1564 and was baptised in Stratford-upon-Avon in Warwickshire. His father was a glover who later became the Mayor of Stratford. Shakespeare was the third of eight children and was most likely educated in a grammar school, where he would have studied English, Greek, Latin & religion. In 1582, when William was only 18, he married Ann Hathaway, the daughter of a local farmer. ...read more.


Suddenly smoke starts to rise from their cauldron and the witches all chant again in unison this shows they work strongly as a unit & have a collective force. Another noticeable thing is Welles has kept the film based around Shakespeare's play, we see this in the Scottish accents of the witches. Now ghostly images of daggers and nooses rise from the bubbling black brew like fog or smoke; we then see some flame appear from the mixture as the three decrepit wart-ridden hands drop more ingredients into the boiling potion. The three witches stand precariously by the cauldron as it bursts into flames. All of a sudden they plunge their hands in to the concoction and pull out a clay mould, which they savagely claw at until it takes an almost human form; I think Welles has done this to indicate how the witches will shape Macbeth's future. Now they speak and say, "Where the place?" "Upon the heath." Then as they say "There to meet with MACBETH" Loud drums sound to add to the atmospheric tension as the title goes up. Roman Polanski, the Polish film director born in 1933, who has recently won many awards for his own film The Pianist, also made a version of Macbeth in 1972. This is completely different to Welles' version. Polanski's version is in colour. ...read more.


I think that the best layout for a modern Macbeth would be in an busy Manhattan office block, of a big company who are battling on a takeover bid, when one employee after talking to the three smartly dressed receptionists in the dimly lit office coffee room, decides to kill the boss in order to take the roll of chairman and it all ends up with the truth coming out and the company having to be taken over. Another possible scenario to portray Macbeth is in an American ghetto between street gangs; when a member of one of the most notorious gangs in influenced by some scruffy street low lives wearing leather and denim in a dark back ally one night. He kills his leader in order to become the head of the gang but the previous leaders other men become suspicious and tries to reclaim the top dogs spot. Both these modern day representations mean you still have the battle for power, the murders and guilt and the witches only appear to be harmless gossiping office workers or street thugs. I believe that Shakespeare is still a very important dramatist as his plays are still being preformed and people still enjoy them. Even though he is dead he still inspires people to write plays. Whether they are their own or remakes of his work people still feel the need to keep his work alive and the very fact that I have done this assignment proves this. ...read more.

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