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"Examine the function of knives, flowers, water and blood in the play" - The novel "Blood Wedding" by Federico Garcia Lorca.

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Sam Bateman 11 W 1 "Examine the function of knives, flowers, water and blood in the play" The novel "Blood Wedding" by Federico Garcia Lorca makes use of imagery to a large extent, but none more so than the images of knives, flowers, water and blood. Whilst at the start of the play the Mother is completely obsessed with knives, the wedding is almost centered around flowers, water symbolizes life and cleanliness and blood for the family ties and the life force of the people. Knives. The age old symbol of death. Lorca uses this imagery to great extent and the knife in this play symbolizes death, hatred and murder. At first, we are introduced to the knife through the mother, and her bitter ramblings "The knife, the knife! Damn the knife, damn all knives, damn the devil who created knives."1 This is because her husband and second son where murdered by the Felix family wielding knives. The mother is dumbfounded at how such a seemingly small and unobtrusive thing can kill a man as regal and powerful as her husband "How is it that something as small as a pistol or a knife can do away with a man who is like a bull?" ...read more.


We subconsciously expect the former, but it turns out that the latter is the more correct. This becomes painfully evident when, before the wedding, the bride takes the blossom off the servant and tosses it aside. Flowers are also associated with merrymaking and this comes through when the bride and the servant sing and dance before the ill-fated wedding.4 The natural element of the flower is particularly evident at the end, when Leonardo's and the bride's eyes are described as "broken flowers"5 This comes after, throughout the whole play, the image of the flower is reinforced to us as natural through the strange poems/songs/nursery rhymes recurrent and perhaps, in some way prophetic. Water in the play is varied in its meanings. It symbolizes both life and renewal whilst also has a more sister side, and is associated with drowning and tears. The renewal comes in the form of the nursery rhyme that the mother-in-law and the wife sing to the child, about the horse needing to drink but being unwilling to. ...read more.


sons blood that she would keep the blood soaked earth, and she felt his pain, perhaps even more so than he did, as her pain is still with her and his died with him. Such importance is placed on the family, and this is reinforced by the mother's continual hatred of the Felix family, and her perhaps unjust disgust of Leonardo. In conclusion, it is obvious that this is a very deep and thoughtful play that uses imagery to its full extent, as shown with knives, flowers, water and blood. Knives for death and hatred, flowers for renewal and nature, water for purity and engulfment and blood for the family and the coming of life and death. These images combine powerfully to produce a story that unfold less through words and more through pictures in the mind, an effective way to get into the readers head. 1 Act 1, scene 1 2 Act 3, scene 1 3 Act 3, scene 2 4 Act 2, scene 1 5 Act 3, scene 1 6 Act 2, scene 2 7 Act 3, scene 2 8 Act 2, scene 2 ...read more.

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