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Film review on "The Matrix Reloaded".

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Michael McGloin Commentary The main aim for this piece was to persuade with a second aim to entertain the reading audience. I chose this genre because it gave me the chance to explore the language within the genre but also the presentation. My targeted audience was from fifteen to twenty as I feel this age range will read the film review on "The Matrix Reloaded" which I did my piece on. I looked at a number of film reviews and their style but I decided to create my own with my ideas, which I hope made it, more, creative. Throughout my piece I have tried to add humour as well as adding relevant and consistant points. This is shown in the section "the story so far": "for one, you're stark raving crazy" I have used this humour because I was trying to steer away from the standard review because I wanted to personalise it with my own unique style. ...read more.


As I aimed it at fifteen to twenty years old I tried to include some teenage jargon: "Check out these visuals" I used the phrase "check out"as I feel that the bulk of the people who would read this would relate to this kind of language as it addresses them in a friendly tone. Finally one of the main features of my piece is the layout and presentation. This is a key part because when people pick up a review of something the first thing that attracts them is how it looks. So I have tried to do this also by including a front cover which I put there to attract the reader and gives them a brief introduction of what the review is about. Where I think theses presentational devices works best was in the main review. I included a picture from the scene with writing wrapped around it. The writing is actually about the picture, which gives the reader a taster to what the film will be like. ...read more.


The presentation in the final draft in my opinion looked really professional and captured the mood of the films. I thought my language in my writing really suited my targeted audience, this is shown here: "get ready for the ride of your life" I think that the age range that would read this would relate to this in a way they could appreciate. A major problem that faced me when I was writing my review was trying to get my presentation right. I found it hard to produce the picture I had in my mind, which I wanted it to like. But I got there in there in the end with a lot of fiddling around on the computer. Overall I am happy with my final piece as I feel I met all of the criteria for writing to persuade and also adding my own style. If I was to do this piece of work again I would do some more research on the film as I feel this would strengthen my writing further. ...read more.

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