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Final Cargo - Drama portfolio

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By No´┐Żl Greig PORTFOLIO Final Cargo An Introduction Final Cargo is a play telling the story of various characters as they embark an adventure on a ship. The main characters were: The Skipper, Ruth, Engineer, Cook, Night, Day, Benjamin and Boy. Each character plays a strong role in this play that affects the way the play progresses. As the ship sets sale both the living, the dead and the ones above view the tale and tragedy of this boat. With a climatic end, the boat is capsized by strong waves and The Skipper, Ruth, Engineer and Cook meet their fate at the bottom of the sea... To make more sense of the play and the various meanings and symbolic morals from it, we have explored in a wide range of formats: The Response Phase We used these explorative strategies to enhance the understanding of the play: * Still Image - In a group we created a still image of the boat. We then showed the various ways to demonstrate calm/disaster with the use of our bodies; then we added words that related to our calm/disaster pose such as sun, breezy, and still for calm, and choppy, crash, and thunder to show disaster. This technique is called soundscaping: using words to enhance and exaggerate what you are showing. ...read more.


She is a very sneaky character in the play, and makes a deal with the 'Charterer', (another sneaky character) for a certain cargo to be delivered by the Skipper, even thought the Shipowner knows that his boat and the cargo that the Skipper will be carrying is both dangerous and lethal. When hot-seated she was asked why she goes along with this deal, and she responds that it is not her problem anymore, and even blames the Skipper for wanting another job so much after he has found out that his boat will stripped apart. Another character that was hot seated was the Engineer. He was asked why he is conning the Skipper, by repeatedly receiving pay from him when he only needed to be paid once. The Engineer replies that if you can then you might as well. To explore this question he was then asked if money was important to him, which the Engineer replied to as yes. With hot seating you can explore beyond the play and see that there is a lot of back-story to each character, that they also have a mind of their own, their own agenda and their own purpose in the play. * Cross Cutting - This technique used in Drama is something that can be quite effective when used in the right context. ...read more.


As you can see it is a quick and paced bit of Drama, but when done correctly, it is an effective tool to use. * Forum Theatre - To get the whole class involved with the play and to work with each other as a group we did some Forum Theatre. This is when you act out a scene with a group and is then assessed by the rest of the class who will give you tips and how and what to change to make it an even better performance. When we did this we got into groups and acted out a certain scene from the play, which was then presented to the group. Using the Forum Theatre method we were then given advice on how to make it into a better performance and used their opinions and changed it instantly as we did it again straight after. Using a Forum Theatre lets you work together as a whole class and your ideas can be used and appreciated by other members, and it is also a very good way of creating a better performance. All these strategies have enabled me to better understand the play and the way in which these characters live and react with each other and their surrounding world. We have been able to use certain methods to explore elements that cannot just be seen by reading the play. ...read more.

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