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Frankenstein-The Monster Monologue Script

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(JUMP DOWN FROM TABLE) Yes Frankenstein, it's me, your creation...Your work of art, your hideous art. And where have I been, Frankenstein, where have I been...well I'll you...I'VE BEEN SUFFERING! I asked him nicely to come with me because I just wanted to play with him. But he said that he would 'tell his brother, Frankenstein to punish me, an ugly monster'. After I heard him mention your name, (HAND MOVEMENTS) anger and hatred filled me. You, Frankenstein took away my happiness and love so I had to take that away from you too. At that moment I killed your brother, oh yes Frankenstein I felt happy and for the first time I actually laughed... AHAHAHAHAHA. (LOOK DOWN) You my creator, my GOD should understand me, raise me and teach me things. But instead you abandon and bailed me. You took away (HAND MOVEMENTS) ...read more.


I would go where no man will go. We will start a new life and have peace. If you do not apply with my condition I shall make sure that all mankind suffer. I will crush them till they rot to ashes. I will leave noting but sadness. (SAD) Oh dear Frankenstein I saw this most beautiful 4 legged creature called dog. I thought of it as me, I wanted to gently pat it; I wanted to play with it. No Frankenstein I did not intend to harm it at all. Frankenstein, not even the dog wants to come near me, it ran away in disgust. Frankenstein you are my creator, you should know what I am capable of doing. Remember you have made me more powerful and stronger that yourself and others. ...read more.


I had emotions... That is when I knew I needed a friend so I began searching. (HAPPY) Yes Frankenstein 2 years, I promise that you wouldn't hear anything from me but keep in mind that in 2 years time I will be back to pick up your result, my wife (JUMP ONTO TABLE AND OPEN DOOR, WALK AWAY) I did find someone; I found this female human name Agathe. She talked with me, she SOCIALIZE with me. Frankenstein you do not know how happy I felt. But her brother, Felix shot me in the arm. Frankenstein trying imagining yourself in my situation...well at least you have your god to depend on...but me Frankenstein, you are my god but you are the god that I can't depend on. (SAD/HAPPY)>3 Seconds I found this sweet child playing by the lake. I just wanted to befriend him... I had no intention of hurting him Frankenstein. ...read more.

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