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GCSE Drama - Scripted piece - Gregory's Girl By Bill Forsyth.

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GCSE Drama - Scripted piece (1) Gregory's Girl By Bill Forsyth For my scripted piece I was given Gregory's Girl to perform. There were two characters that would have been ideal for me, as they would challenge my ability to act and portray a character. The first was Gregory who was a 15-year-old teenager. I perceived him as a fetish; clumsy boy, who was in love with him self. Furthermore, he thought he was very popular with the females of his school. However, this is totally untrue as the females just lead him on, as did Dorothy. Although he is still a very likeable character as he is harmless and friendly. It would have been very challenging for me to play this character because I am totally different to him. Since I feel that I am very confident and don't have a problem expressing myself. The second character was Steve who also was a 15-year-old teenager. He was excessively in love with cooking and nothing else, not even the opposite sex. I felt if I played this character it would be testing my ability, as I would have had to take no interest in girls, only cooking. ...read more.


This was a disadvantage, as we didn't get use to the props and surroundings, although literally speaking these surroundings are ideal for what we were doing because the scene we performed was set in a cookery class. If I had the opportunity to do this again I would definitely spend more time in the food and technology room because we also had people moving around the room giving the room an atmosphere. Even though I think the rehearsals were better than the actual performance the end result still pleased me. When we first started to perform this I found it difficult to act because I hadn't learnt the script, so part way through the scene I had to keep referring to the script. This made me come out of character and it also affected the way I delivered the jokes of the play. It is very important to do this correctly because 'Gregory's Girl' is a comedy so if the jokes aren't delivered correctly then the whole scene is affected. Furthermore, my timing for them was affected along with other lines I had to say. Nevertheless, once I had learned the lines I found it easier to play the character. ...read more.


At the beginning of the scene when I enter, I am not spoken to, so I mime, in which I talk to myself about why Gregory could be late. Later on in the scene when I imply Gregory is gay I think it is a good idea to whisper because I don't want the girls to hear. I also used pauses and silence in different places to portray different things. For instance, I used silence when I was shocked as I though Gregory was gay. This pause was used to portray shock. I also used a pause to show sarcasm when I am mocking Gregory and describe Dorothy a beautiful girl. I think my using these techniques the character of Steve was played very effectively, it made the scene more realistic. When we performed this for the camera we had a mini audience watching, once we had finished the audience was delighted. I found it was very good working with a group because if you had any difficulties your group members could help you out. Although, there was a problem with learning so this let the group down. However, in general we all worked together as a team and this is partly why the end result pleased everyone including the audience. ...read more.

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