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GCSE Drama The Five People You Meet in Heaven: Development and Evaluation of a drama peice

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Development Page 1 - Person 1 The Blue Man - (Remember to mention the Elements of Drama and Drama Medium!) Head: Thoughts of the Blue Man / Body: Personality of the Blue Man Development Page 2 - Person 2 The Captain - (Remember to mention the Elements of Drama and Drama Medium!) WHAT we tried to show by creating the 'web': We used a ball of string as a prop to create the 'web'. When we created the web we tried to show what it was like being kept in an environment against your will not being able to escape. Prior to the exercise we discussed the idea of being held hostage and the emotions that one would feel in that situation, so we could then inject these initial ideas into our group drama. We also tired an exercise were we realised we were not alone and that there was another hostage in the neighbouring cell, so one by one we watch as pars improvised the first meeting of the two hostages. It was very effective as the character emotions were strong as we were already in character and had encouragement from working with other people. ...read more.


What I would do is stay in role but ask for help from my neighbour, as my characters as if we were escaping together. Eddie, it's been a long time since we have both met and I know I am not your favourite person in the world but listen to me Eddie, hear me out... What I did. Had to be done, son. You were a fool for trying to save him Eddie, because you would have surly got yourself killed, and then what would happen? I'll tell you what... You would have never met Maragruit; the love of your life. So be grateful it was me rather than you- I know I am. Eddie, my grandfather was in service and so was my father, and his brother and their cousin and maybe even their uncle... The point I; this is what I was born to do, serve my Queen and country. I was born to look after your men and I'll be damned if I'd'a ever let one of you die in my place. Right then when I went to save Walters? That was my time Eddie. ...read more.


The son is trying to get the father's attention but is met with silence. We still used the water bottle as a prop but bother our clothing was dishevelled to symbolise carelessness and lack of interest in looking identical. Explain one key moment: A key moment in our piece is the transition from the happy image of the father and son to the unhappy image. We moved into the second pose slowly which showed the slow break down in communication between the two. In our image, the son is trailing slowly behind the father who is busy walking ahead trying to read the map. It was important we represented the silence between the two. We tried to do this by having the father concentrate on the map and focused on getting to their destination but then have the son walking slowly behind with a bored expression on his face. How effective was the piece and why? I think our piece was effective as the image portrayed a clear contrast between the happy father and son and the unhappy father and son. Also, we depicted the friction between the two and the reason for it which was 'the damage of silence'. Our body language helped and also the facial expression we used. ...read more.

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