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GCSE The Hitman

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GCSE The Hitman In this essay I will be comparing my first scripted piece "The Hitman" with my "Girl Anachronism" play. I will be comparing the deference between the character I was, the style of the play, the mood and the place Also I will be comparing weather it is Brecht or Stanislavski. Brecht belied in breaking the fourth wall and trying to make the play as unrealistic as possible by using flash backs, monologues, freeze frames, placards ect. But on the other hand Stanislavski belied in making the play as realistic as possible by having every thing in chronological order and making it as naturalistic as possible making the actors think like their character would, also Stanislavski believed in ...read more.


In this play I have adopted the role of George a man in his 50s or 60s who is married to a posh woman and he as had enough of her and wants her dead, He hires a Hitman to do so. But on the other hand the play "Girl Anachronism" was developed to the stimulus of the song girl anachronism by the Dresden Dolls. It has a very angry and upset mood throughout, it is in the style of a melodrama and it is like a Brecht play because it breaks the fourth wall, using monologues and flash backs which are theatrical devices used in Verfemdungseffect to remind the audience that it is not real. ...read more.


All I want is to be left alone and not too be told what to do. These plays are totally different one is a Stanislavski like play the other is a Brecht. One is unrealistic the other is realistic. The have totally different styles. The lighting and sound have no resemblance because two different moods were trying to be created and it is the sound and lighting which create the mood of a play. Also in the girl anachronism we were only allowed to blocks to work with a and a limited amount of props buy in The Hitman we could use tables chairs and however many props were needed for the script. I enjoyed both of the plays but Hitman was more of a comical interesting play to work on. By Vas Panayi Vas Panayi Page 1 15/12/2008 ...read more.

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