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Genital Herpes

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Genital Herpes Microbiology Report The Sexually Transmitted Disease Genital herpes (to creep) is very common in most Americans especially adolescents. Genital herpes is transmitted through sexual contact and other physical contact with an infected person. Herpes is a viral infection caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus. Once a person is infected with the virus it stays in their body for life. Once you have contracted this virus it is easy to pass it on to someone else even if the virus is not active. The virus remains in certain nerve cells of the body forever, which can produce symptoms on and off in infected individuals. Herpes is spread through direct contact. A Genital Herpes infection will stay in the area it originated unless transferred elsewhere via direct contact or skin-to-skin contact. The herpes virus does not just show up on the body, it is important to avoid skin-to-skin contact with the infected areas. If the herpes infection is not localized, further complications will occur. Herpes is equally common among males and females in the United States, but the rise is among the youth and adolescents ranging from ages 12 and older. ...read more.


Objects such as toilet seats, public seating, and hot tubs rarely spread the virus. The signs and symptoms of genital herpes are different with each person who has the virus. Some people with genital herpes mistake their symptoms for simple skin irritations such as razor burn, jock itch, or even a yeast infection. People often assume that because the symptoms may not seem intense and they go away in several days, which it's not serious enough to go to the doctor. Symptoms normally occur two to ten days after being exposed to the virus. HSV I include small, fluid filled red and painful blisters on an area of the skin, usually found on the lips, the corners of the mouth, chin, and nasal region. The symptoms in HSV II sores occur with in 2 weeks of contracting the virus and then they disappear several days later and then the re-appear. With HSV II there is an initial outbreak, which consists of itching or a burning feeling in the genital/anal area, flu like symptoms, swollen glands, pain in the legs, buttocks, or genital area, vaginal discharge, and a feeling of pressure in the area below the stomach. ...read more.


No matter the severity of the symptoms having genital herpes frequently causes psychological distress in the people who know that they are infected. In addition, genital HSV can cause potentially fatal infections in babies, so it is important that women avoid contracting herpes during pregnancy, because a first episode during pregnancy causes a greater risk of transmission to the baby. There is no cure for HSV 1 or HSV 2, but there are different types of antiviral medications that are used to shorten outbreaks. There are many different types of medications that can be used like Valtrex is the number one used medication for genital herpes. A physician can only prescribe these medications. Daily suppressive therapy for symptomatic herpes can also be used also. FAMVIR tablets are used as well to prevent outbreaks form occurring often and many others use herbal medications. Genital herpes has become one of the most common viral infections affecting the social and economic class. Genital herpes is a very serious and dangerous virus that is contracted and passed along by a careless person. Even with treatments this virus can still be passed along. To prevent this from happening practice safe sex, but the best way is through abstinence. ...read more.

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