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God Is A DJ Theater Review

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'God is A DJ' by Oadipo Agboulaje Wednesday 7 November 1. In your opinion what was the aim of the play? (2 sentences). The aims of the play was to give the audience an idea of issues in life. They used 'God is A DJ' as a title and the play followed which featured an Ipod that was being used to control the order and the changes of scene to represent to us, and remind us of how God sets the challenges of life and the issues and we people chose how to treat, react and respond to them. 2. What were the audience reactions to the play? (For example shock, surprise, sympathy, empathy, amusement, engagement. Describe in full sentences.) The audience experienced mixed emotions. These included, shock surprise, Sympathy, empathy, amusement and engagement. What engaged the audience the most was the way the person who was holding the Ipod (who would be the narrator) looked directly at the audience and spoke in present tense including us and making us feel as though we are part of the play. ...read more.


4. Name three aspects of the play which you thought could have been improved. Explain what the three aspects are and why you feel they could be changed. 1. One of the three tries that I think could have been changed is, the scene of the female character who was a slave labours of a trainer making company who went off to become a prostitute. I think it was not shown clearly, there are many different ways that they could have shown us that they had taken her to do a job that she didn't expect. To be honest even till this day I don't know were they had taken her, but I think it was a strip club. 2. Another way that I could improve the play is by staging it differently. The staging area was very small, so characters didn't have that much use of space. If I was to change it. I would set the seating of the audience in levels so that the person in front of me was below me and the person behind me is above me. ...read more.


Obviously as a stripper the things the female character would have to do would be exotic, but am sure they would send the message to the audience clearer. 2. For the staging, I think they could have changed it into a different order, an order where everyone can see, e.g. reload seating. Where the chairs go up in levels, one above the other. 3. And finally for the accents. I think they could have spent more time in rehearsing the accents. That way. They won't get them confused. And they will be able to keep them up for longer. Or found different way to memorise the accents, ways that would work better that way the result of rehearsing better. 6. Give an overall mark out of ten for 'God is a DJ' with 1 being 'I didn't really enjoy it at all' to 10 being 'I couldn't have enjoyed it more'. Explain/justify your mark in at least two sentences. I think because of the rehearsals that were put into the play it deserved at least a 9. I don't think 10 because of the things I listed in question 4. and I think these parts were important. ...read more.

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