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Gothic Horror Story

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Gothic Horror Story There had been three victims now, no-one knew why or how but day after day helpless souls had disappeared and despite the horrific state of their houses and the gruesome mess left behind, there was no firm evidence of why these feeble, defenceless people were being abducted from the tiny village of Ducklington. The first was Bill, the local milkman. He hadn't been into work one morning so some friends went to check on him, only to find an open door, an empty bed and the remains of Bills' rent and torn flesh and splintered bones scattered carelessly around his house. The next victims were the two mad sisters who lived at the end of Baker Street - Lillie and Violet, who had been malevolently attacked along with their dog, Archie. ...read more.


There were myths and tales about the creatures and horrors of the forest, but no-one truly believed them and cast them to the back of their mind. I woke up one sunny Saturday morning, dressed and went to the corner shop to get a newspaper. Everyone was whispering amongst friends but no-one was making eye contact with any one new. I knew instantly someone else had been attacked. I asked old Nancy in the corner shop. 'Who is it this time?' 'Dear old Mary, I'm ever so sorry love' she replied. Imagine the heartrending pain that came upon me as I found out my own dear sister had been brutally murdered in such a painful, horrific way. ...read more.


I tiptoed upstairs, there was a blood stained handprint on the wall, far too big to be human. Mary's bedroom door was closed with blood dribbling down into a pool on the floor. I felt as though I was in a horror story, how could this be happening?! Fear paralysed my body as I crept along the creaking floorboards to my sister's room. I opened the door and stepped inside. BANG! The door slammed shut, however...there was no wind. I looked around me, how could someone do this to another living creature, what sort of heartless monster had done this!? Around the room were the remains of my sister's body; her mutilated hand on the night stand, her bloody, nauseating cut up leg by the wardrobe, torn flesh, hair and broken bones thrown carelessly around the blood chilling sight that was her bedroom. ...read more.

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