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Greek Theatre

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Greek Theatre Evaluation phase During our lessons on Greek Theatre we discover that a big part of Greek Theatre was the use of masks and body gestures which is different to acting in day modern drama career. Stimulus Material We had many different types of stimulus material. One of them was Prop manipulation. This was a quite useful technique if the correct prop cannot be found. Prop manipulation mean to use one prop for many other different things ie using a blue piece of cloth for a piece of clothing and then using it for a lake. In the play my group did we used a piece of red cloth, and used prop manipulation, so we then used it for a blanket, a red carpet, a king's robe and blood. It was quite difficult at first to clearly orchestrate what prop was what and I notices of groups saying exactly what the prop is instead of demonstrating what it is with their actions and gestures and how they feel about that object. ...read more.


The Greek theatre or Greek drama is a theatrical tradition that became much more popular in 550 and 220 BC. Athens was the center of ancient Greek theatre. Tragedy, comedy and satyr plays were some of the earliest genres of plays to come from the Greek world. Western theatre has developed over the years to mainly have no comparison to Greek theatre, but Western theatre was founded by Greek theatre and some modern plays still use some of Greek theatre's techniques. It was mainly a state festival to honor the god Dionysus, but then grew out of popularity. The Athenian city then exported this festival to many neighboring countries to give Greece a common name for its self. Another section of Greek theatre that has I big impact on the audience is the Chorus. The Chorus is very unique to the whole idea of Greek theatre; the Chorus is usually consisted of 5-8 men Which would through out the play would give a brief explanation to what was go in the storyline and give an unbiased opinion to what was going on, to soon later to become a narrative in modern day drama. ...read more.


Modern day theatre plays are most likely about some ones or a group of people's lives during a certain situation in their lives or a certain occurrence situation in society, and the plays are trying to put a message across to the audience, while being as politically accurate as possible. You could say that Greek theatre is different but that would only be for the use of different techniques. The Greek tragedy is less realistic than modern day theatre, but this was the way the Greeks questioned issues in society at the time, so I some ways they are quite similar. For a performance we were asked to perform an extract from the Greek play "Antigone" by Sophocles with a partner in the form of a duologue. The scene was stared the new king Creaon and his niece Antigone, who had broken his law and was sentenced to death. Creaon was questioning why she was disobeyed his orders. No props were used for our performance. The techniques that were used were Freeze Frame, Vocal expression, Thought tracking and Monologues. ?? ?? ?? ?? Drama David Webber Messiah ...read more.

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